Why does my dog jump on people?

Your dog greets you, the mailman, your neighbor, the pizza delivery guy and anyone else who comes over by jumping on her, and you’re wondering why. In most cases, your dog is simply being social — in an overly excitable way.

Your dog has no idea that he’s scratching your visitor’s legs or soiling someone’s nice clothes, and if your first instinct and that of the person who is being greeted by your pooch is generally to yell and push the dog off, some pooches see that as a fun game. The result? He does it again and again, until he figures out that you’re really angry and runs away to sulk. 

Thankfully, you can put an end to this behavior if you’re committed to a simple series of actions designed to both ignore and distract your dog from jumping all over you and your visitors. A dog trainer, behaviorist or your veterinarian can offer advice on getting your dog to keep four on the floor.