Flo and Wendell

In William Wegman’s first children’s book in a decade, Flo & Wendell, the renowned dog photographer uses humor to teach siblings how to play together nicely.

Wegman, best known for his legendary photos of his Weimaraners dressed and staged as people, combines his photography and painting talents in his new book.

Flo and Wendell are based on two of Wegman’s real-life puppies, Flo and Topper. (Topper’s name has been changed, perhaps to protect the innocent.)

In the book, Flo is the big sister in an artistic family (much like Wegman’s) who enjoys painting, wearing the sweaters her mother makes for her and teasing her little brother, Wendell.

She’s been known, for example, to leave Wendell hanging while they’re playing hide and seek. Like the parents of most siblings, Flo and Wendell’s mom and dad wish they would just get along. And sometimes they do.

The Weimaraners Flo and Topper are the latest in a long line of dogs owned and photographed by Wegman and his family. They reside in Manhattan along with Wegman, his wife, publisher Christine Burgin, and their human children, Atlas, 18, and Lola, 15, according to a recent interview in The New York Times.

Although Wegman, 69, has written several children’s books, this is the first to showcase his photos with his watercolor painting.

Plus, you get to see more of Wegman’s beloved dogs. And you can’t go wrong there.

Flo & Wendell, $12.21, Amazon.com.


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