Two women try to win Stuart’s love — and the coveted red rose — in a funny new Valentine’s Day video.

Stuart, of course, isn’t your everyday Bachelor reality show contestant. Though he is quite eligible and looking for love, this brown-and-white sweetie is, well, a dog.

He’s the star of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter‘s clever parody of the long-running ABC TV show, featuring women going on dates, competing for roses and vying for the chance to stay around — all while trying to win the heart of a man.

Just like in the TV show, the women in the dog version reveal their feelings for the bachelor in privacy and tend to put down their rivals.

“I’m not worried about Maya,” Psara confides before they both go on a hiking date with Stuart. “She’s an in-the-closet cat person, and I’m 100 percent for Stuart. We’re made for each other.”

Maya and Psara both profess their love for the adoptable dog on their date, and he seems to have a great time licking both of their faces. At the end of the video, Stuart’s choice remains a cliffhanger. But he’s clearly the winner of lots of love, no matter who he decides to give the rose to.

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