12 Cats and Dogs Who Look Like Other Animals

Does your pet have an animal look-alike? Sure, a lot of kitties resemble their big cat cousins, and it goes without saying that some dogs could be mistaken for wolves. We scoured our fan-submitted photos to find cats and dogs with animal doppelgängers — and though some matches are pretty obvious, a few might surprise you.

Pets With Animal Doppelgängers

Rosaline the Chihuahua looks like a hamster

Which is which? Rosaline the 5-week-old Chihuahua looks just like a hamster!

Mr. Pumpkin the Persian looks like a lion

Roar! Mr. Pumpkin the Persian channels his inner lion.

Griffin the Boston Terrier puppy looks like a penguin

What’s black and white and blue all over? Griffin the blue-eyed penguin Boston Terrier puppy!

Yoda the Shiba Inu looks like a fox

We don’t know if this Shiba Inu named Yoda is really as sly and cunning as a fox, but he truly resembles his bright-eyed and bushy-tailed cousin.

Ned the kitten looks like a tarsier

My, what big eyes you have! Ned the kitten is a dead ringer for a tarsier, a primate known for its huge eyes.

Zoe the Pomeranian looks like a bear cub

As much as we love bear cubs, we'd feel much safer cuddling Zoe the Pomeranian.

Benson the Bengal looks like a cheetah

We’re wild about Benson, a 4-month-old Bengal who could easily be mistaken for a cheetah.

Winston the Corgi looks like a meerkat

If it weren’t for Winston the Corgi’s ears (and tennis ball), he’d be a meerkat.

Patrick the Affenpinscher looks like a monkey

Patrick the Affenpinscher certainly lives up to the English translation of his breed’s German name: monkeylike terrier.

Artie the Scottish Fold looks like an owl

The only thing stopping Artie the Scottish Fold from being an awesome cat-owl hybrid is his lack of wings.

Hailey and Bella the Samoyeds look like polar bears

We’d really like to chill with Hailey and Bella the polar bears, er, Samoyeds.

Vito the cat looks like a panther

When terrified humans mistake Vito the cat for a tiny panther, he doesn’t try to correct them.

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