What do cats and dogs do all day when you’re not at home? The obvious answer is: Sleep, play with their toys and stare out the window. But what if the real answer is completely different? While you’re giving a riveting presentation at the office, Bentley could be calling all his neighborhood friends and inviting them over. Or, when you drop the kids off at school, Bella could be catching up on the latest season of Orange Is the New Black. Really, your pets could be doing anything!

We asked our Vetstreet Facebook fans to tell us what they think their pets do when they’re home alone. Here are their most creative, funny and imaginative responses.

“I have joked for years that my cats throw wild parties while I'm away. They must have responsible friends, though, because we never come home and find evidence. But they're all asleep, so they must have been up to something wild!” — Laura Ackerman

“She lays in my bed and thinks Now look who is queen of this house!” — Tamara Beckman

“I think she has the black cat that hangs out next door over for tea and ‘nip.’” — Terre Pedderson

“When our 13-year-old [child] was little, he'd ask this question. We agreed that our Lab and our Chihuahua drink coffee, eat doughnuts and watch TV.” — David Holdren

“I just adopted two adorable and very playful kittens, and I half expect a cat food delivery truck to show up outside [because] they have gone online and placed an order.” — John H. Campbell

“My cats, Fred and Barney, are in cahoots with the dog. While I am away, one stands guard at the front window, peering through the blinds. The other works out a deal with the Golden Retriever and leaps onto the kitchen counter to get him his treats. In return, the dog takes the blame for vomiting on furniture. It's all good!” — Bonnie Brownstein Schendell

My cat Tuffy used to run to the phone in the spare room and listen to the messages. And when I was gone for a night, we'd find Tuffy in the spare room by the phone.” — Tricia Graves
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