15 Things Golden Retrievers Can Teach Us About Life

Some life lessons are learned the hard way. Others are taught by Golden Retrievers. Here at Vetstreet, we prefer the latter. Here are 15 things that Golden Retrievers can teach us about life.

Everyone deserves a smile.

Golden Smiling
Come on, how could this expression not brighten your day?

Naps are underrated. Really, really underrated.

Golden Sleeping
Being an adorable puppy is exhausting!

The best memories are made with friends.

Golden and Lab
Golden Retriever Abby (left) of Bethel Park, Pa., poses with her best friend, a Labrador named J.R.

It's important to give back to the community.

Golden Therapy Dog
Plenty of Goldens, and many other breeds, do therapy work at nursing homes and hospitals.

There's nothing uncool about enthusiasm.

Golden Running
Because cool is on the inside.

Differences are worth celebrating.

Golden Retriever With Rabbit
Seven-year-old Bella, a Golden from Newport Beach, Calif., spends time with her friend Bunny.

Something bothering you? Just shake it off.

Golden Shaking Water
Harley, a Golden Retriever-Collie mix from Derry, N.H., shakes it off.


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