3 Ways to Reduce Your Pet's Cancer Risk

Wellness Care Is Key

Just like in human medicine, veterinary wellness care can help prevent some illnesses and catch others early enough that treatment may be more effective. Not surprisingly, we in the pet health insurance industry have been offering more support for wellness care because we know this approach works better for pets and their loved ones. That’s especially true when we talk about cancer.

Despite all your good efforts, your pet may still get cancer, and if that happens, don’t blame yourself. While we are all initially terrified when we hear the word “cancer,” there have never been more options for care, especially when cancer is caught early — which is one more reason to commit to consistent wellness care.

Awareness also means supporting research, which is why we have our VPI K9K Pet Cancer Awareness Walk each November. You may not be able to participate in person, but you can still help with a donation to the Animal Cancer Foundation.

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