Global Pet Expo 2014: 10 Clever and Wacky Pet Products We Love

There's no shortage of creativity here at Global Pet Expo 2014, where we're seeing all the newest pet products that will soon hit pet store shelves near you. Check out our favorite finds, from the Doggles Big Mustache Toy, one of our favorite new dog products, to new products for chickens.

Quirky Items That Caught Our Eye

Dog with Mustache Toy

Balfour Studios

Doggles Big Mustache Toys

Mustaches are back in fashion, and Doggles has come up with a super-quirky mustache toy for your dog. The Big Mustache Toy is available in gray, red and brown, and can be used as a tug or a chew toy. It has a ball in the center made of TPE; according to the company, it's nontoxic and BPA-free.

Available now at and leading pet retailers for $11.99.

Ugly Dog Toys from Envvy


The Ugly Line

Envvy has created a very unique line with a sweet sentimentality. The idea is that there's a pet toy for everyone — and ugly can be beautiful. Each dog in the line has a story: Fabio the gray dog thinks he's hot (but we know he's not), Isabella the pink cat is Fabio's love interest, and Leo the black dog is just "whatever" about everything.

Available online and in pet retail stores in May, with prices ranging from $10.99 for small, $12.99 for medium and $15.99 for large.

Zombie Fish Tank Ornaments

Swimming Dead Fish Tank Ornaments

Thanks to popular shows like AMC's The Walking Dead, zombies (and, really, all things undead) are totally trendy right now. And that trend isn't lost on Penn-Plax: The company has created a line of aquarium ornaments called — what else? — The Swimming Dead. Each piece is sold separately, including skulls, monsters and even a scary-looking fish skeleton — which is actually the line's best-seller. Of course.

The Swimming Dead Aquarium Ornaments, available now at Petco and independent retailers for $9.99 and up.

Push Pushi Raincoat
Push Pushi Raincoat

Now that we've gotten into spring, it's time to make sure that your dog's rain gear is as trendy as yours. This raincoat from Push Pushi is made in the USA and has a warm fleece lining and a removable hood — plus adjustable belly and chest straps. It comes in more than 10 solid colors and eight other patterns, including polka dots and camo. The raincoat even has a Lightning Line in safety orange and neon yellow, with reflective strips on the hood and coat.

Available online and in boutiques for $39.95.

Hen Saver

Shayna Meliker, Vetstreet

Hen Saver With Predator Eyes

Tobi Kosanke, frustrated by the birds that were snatching up her hens, created the Hen Saver with predator eyes to protect her "girls." The Hampstead, Texas, entrepreneur took her Hen Saver apron, which protects hens' backs from roosters, and added the hand-sewn eyes to stop eagles and hawks from swooping down and grabbing the chickens. Since her rescue farm's 80 hens started wearing the accessory, she hasn't lost a single one to aerial predators.

Crazy K Farm Hen Saver, Made in the USA version starting at $14.99.

Behind Bars Dog Harness

Courtesy of Dog-Gamutt

Dog-Gamutt Safe Behind Bars Dog Harness

Maureen Brown’s adopted dog, Lexie, kept escaping from her fenced-in yard. Her neighbors had this issue as well, making Brown realize that there was a need for a better way to keep pups behind fences. So Brown created the Safe Behind Bars Dog Harness, a harness with a T-shaped bar that catches on the fence and prevents Lexie — and the neighbors' dogs — from slipping through the slats.  The harness is available in black or royal blue nylon, or leather.

Available online for $28.95 (small), $29.95 (medium) or $30.95 (large). The leather harness will be available soon in small for $37.95.

Paw Pods Fish Burial Pod

Paw Pods

Paw Pods Fish Burial Pod

The loss of a pet fish is tough for kids, and flushing little Goldie down the toilet is probably not the best way to teach them about death. The folks at Paw Pods came up with a clever solution to honor fish: the Fish Burial Pod. The durable and biodegradable pod is made from bamboo fiber and rice husk and comes in two colors — natural and golden. Each pod comes with a seeded sympathy card children can sign. When they bury their fish with the card, the seeds grow into wildflowers; when they bloom, your kids will remember their fish.

Available online for $9.99.

Haute Dogue Vintage Bow Wows

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Haute Dogue Vintage Bow Wows

Want a fashionable accessory that’s just as unique as your dog? Haute Dogue’s Vintage Bow Wows are bow ties made from recycled ties. The dapper bow ties snap on any size collar, and since they are made from old ties, each one is different. Whether you have a Poodle who prefers polka dots or a Portuguese Water Dog with a penchant for plaid, there’s a bow-tie pattern for every canine.

Soon available online for $12 (small) and $15 (large).

Treats for Chickens

Treats for Chickens

Treats for Chickens

Treats: They're not just for dogs and cats any more. Family-owned-and-operated company Treats for Chickens not only has the world's first certified organic line of treats for, well, chickens, but they also feature clever — and hysterical — names like Cluck Yea, Motherclucker and their best-seller, Chicken Crack.

Available in feed and farm supply stores and online for $7.99–$20 per bag or $30–$50 per bucket.

Pet Pals 10-Foot-Tall Tower

Laura Cross, Vetstreet

Pet Pals 10-Foot-Tall Cat Tree

Apartment-dwellers, this is not the cat tree for you. The 10-foot-tall, black-and-white tower from Pet Pals is made from recycled materials and would be a great statement piece for a grand foyer or a lofty living room — anywhere with space to spare. This tree is truly one-of-a-kind and must be special-ordered on

Available for special order on the Contact Us page for $1,800.

To see more of our favorite new pet products, head on over to our Global Pet Expo hub.

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