How to Plant a Pet-Safe Garden This Spring

If It Kills Pests, It May Be Bad For Your Pets

Garden stores are chock-full of pesticides designed to keep varmints out of your flower patch, but many of these products are extremely dangerous for pets, causing everything from vomiting and seizures to internal bleeding and even death.

Products that are especially problematic include:

  • Slug and snail bait, particularly those containing metaldehyde
  • Mole and gopher baits made with zinc phosphide
  • Insecticides with disyston or disulfoton
  • Most rat and mice poisons
  • Fly bait containing methomyl

A Heathy Lawn May Have Hidden Hazards

Fertilizers and weed killers can cause digestive problems in dogs and cats, and far worse if they contain organophosphates or carbamates. While walking your dog, keep him off treated neighborhood lawns until the applications have fully dried.

Since your pets may be frolicking (and potentially digging) in gardens other than your own, it’s a good idea to keep the ASPCA Animal Poison Control phone number handy: 888-426-4435.


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