Pets Who Look Miserable in Halloween Costumes

For many humans, Halloween is one of the best days of the year, but for some of our pets, squeezing into a costume is more of a trick than a treat.

Sorry we put you through this annual humiliation, furry friends, but we can’t help but smile (and laugh) when you make such pitiful faces.

Here are seven cats and dogs who cannot wait until it's November 1.

7 Cats and Dogs Who Hate Halloween

batman and wonder woman

Batman and Wonder Woman do NOT want to go combine their superpowers and save the day. They’d like to go back to their alter egos — dogs.

Miserable cat in costume

Max is green with envy for all the other cats who were not forced to wear elephant ears.

Miserable pig

She told her owner she would dress up for Halloween when pigs fly.

Miserable pumpkin and devil

Whining and begging in general just isn’t cute — except on dogs dressed as pumpkins and devils.

Miserable bride

Bridezilla doesn’t even begin to describe just how this canine feels.

Miserable Superman cat

Fluffy doesn’t think there’s anything super about being a supercat.

Miserable Bat Dog

Bella still can’t believe her favorite human betrayed her and made her dress up as a bat — she clearly barked out that she wanted to be a fairy.


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