Shelter Photographer Talks About Her Hilarious Series of Dog Blooper Snapshots

Shelter Dog Bloopers
One of the photographer's best blooper shots.

When she's not photographing weddings or documenting her travels in Southeast Asia, photographer Anne Chadwick Williams spends every Thursday capturing the unique qualities of rescue dogs at a city-run Sacramento, Calif., shelter to help the organization boost adoptions.

The sharpshooter says that she always comes away with a good laugh, evidenced by her new series of cheeky canine “blooper” shots. (See more of these funny photos in our gallery below.)

Vetstreet asked the veteran newspaper photographer to talk about her charitable work, her sometimes comedic canine subjects and the inspiring stories behind her own rescue dogs.

Q. Why is good photography important for shelter animals?

A. Anne Chadwick Williams: "It can not only greatly increase the adoption rate, but it can also shorten the time that an animal spends at a shelter.Many shelters don’t focus on having good pictures on their website, but it's really vital to help get animals adopted. Americans love their dogs, but if what they see on a website are small photos of dogs who look scared or mean, or a blurry image, they aren’t left with an impression that makes them want to adopt, let alone even go to that shelter.

In good photographs, not only do you see the animal well, but also some of their uniqueness shows through. Good photography says that a shelter cares. It can also bring more attention through increased web and foot traffic, more volunteers, donations and even media attention."

Anne Chadwick Williams shelter dog before and after images
Anne Chadwick Williams
A sampling of Williams' after shots (top), with the Sacramento shelter's before shots below.

Q. What does your work with these dogs mean to you personally?

A. "I love photographing shelter dogs because I know that my photos will not only help get them a home, but it may even save their lives. Knowing a dog has gone to a new family, in part because of a picture that drew someone in to the shelter, is heartwarming.

Recently, a man drove from the Bay Area to Sacramento to adopt a Pit Bull he'd seen on the website. Hearing that was wonderful because he could have chosen from dozens of dogs in shelters near his home, but he was taken by this one because of my photo."

Shelter Dog Bloopers

Q. What other type of photography do you do?

A. "I was a newspaper photographer for 22 years, and I still do some editorial work. I like variety, so I also shoot weddings, pets and events. And I try to keep a documentary project going at all times."

Q. What's the best thing about working with dogs?

A. "I love photographing dogs because they are so full of life and expression. They live in the moment. They are amusing, curious and loving.I always come away feeling good."

Q. Can you tell us about your own pets?

A. "I have two dogs, Ella and Ollie, who I found 10 years apart on the streets of Sacramento.Ella jumped into my car after I saw her wandering down a road.She is a very calm Husky mix who loves to swim and hike.

I found Ollie two Thanksgivings ago while walking Ella.He'd been dumped in freezing weather, under a tree, with a box of dog biscuits. He was emaciated and had bald spots. He has quite a story, which is chronicled on my blog. After spending nine days at the emergency vet, having a chunk of corncob removed from his stomach, he came home. Since then, he has doubled his weight and is a very funny, smart dog — the sort of dog who makes you laugh out loud every day.He sometimes blogs in a somewhat irreverent tone."

America's Funniest Shelter Dog Blooper Photographs

Funny dog with caption: Don't Smile! Whoever Says Don't Smile?

Photographer Anne Chadwick Williams spends one day a week taking pictures of dogs at a Sacramento, Calif., city shelter — but her four-legged subjects don't always cooperate. In this slideshow, she shares several of her best blooper shots, with some pretty apropos captions.

Funny dog with caption: The Messy Eater

The Messy Eater
Funny dog with caption: This Is Not What I Wanted To Do Today

This Is Not What I Wanted to Do Today
Funny dog with caption: Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?
Funny dog with caption: I Am A Chihuahua, What Do You Expect?

I Am a Chihuahua, What Do You Expect?
Funny dog with caption: Hold On, I Have An Itch

Hold On, I Have an Itch
Funny dog with caption: Hmmm, I'm Not So Sure

Hmmm, I'm Not So Sure
Funny dog with caption: Me Again. Can You Check To See If I Got All That Peanut Butter Off My Teeth, Please.

Me Again. Can You Check to See If I Got All That Peanut Butter Off My Teeth, Please.
Funny dog with caption: I Don't Want To Have My Picture Taken

I Don't Want to Have My Picture Taken
Funny dog with caption: But I'm Cute In Any Position

But I'm Cute in Any Position

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