June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, but we didn’t want to leave out our canine friends. In honor of this important holiday, here are some amazing cats and dogs who would love to share their stories about finally finding forever homes.

Jenner, a terrier mix, was rescued by the Milo Foundation and adopted by his owners two years ago. The 3-year-old pup brings joy to his family every day with his curiosity, never-ending energy and ability to distinguish his toys by name.

When Jake, an American Bulldog, was approximately 4 months old, he was hit by a car. Luckily, someone stopped and took him to a local shelter. After a home visit, reference checks and much consideration, Jake's forever family was fortunate enough to bring this "once in a lifetime" pup home for good.

Annie the rescued Border Collie mix has a condition called megaesophagus, which requires her to eat upright in a specially designed chair. Do her humans mind? Not at all. Annie is family.

These adorable felines are Jethro (right), a 3-year-old Maine Coon mix and CC (left), a 13-year-old Shorthair mix. Jethro and his siblings were found underneath a house, where they were trapped for two weeks without food and water.  CC was adopted from a local animal shelter. The two are now the best of friends and are so appreciative of their owner's love.

Meet Cameron, an Irish Wolfhound-Golden Retriever mix, who has gone through a lot in his 5 1/2 years of life. He came to Fluffy Dog Rescue in Alabama in a caravan of 50 dogs, had to be quarantined for a time and lived with a foster family before he found his forever home. Here, he lies in his favorite spot: right in the middle of his owner's bed.

Drake, a Pit Bull mix, was rescued from a shelter and fostered before his owners happily adopted him into their family.

James Ehrhardt and his son were walking dogs at a shelter when they spotted Jeter, a black Lab mix, in his kennel. While the other dogs at the shelter barked and barked, Jeter sat quietly and stared at them with a toy at his feet. The Ehrhardts adopted him that weekend and named him after their son’s favorite baseball player.

Tallulah and Willa were adopted separately, but the two kitties actually share a past. Nancy Tokuda adopted Tallulah, an Egyptian Mau mix, in 2013. Tokuda noticed that Tallulah was lonely, so a couple months later, she took in a Russian Blue mix named Willa. As it turns out, Tallulah and Willa had been fostered together at one point before Tallulah was adopted. All these soul sisters needed was each other to complete their new, happy home.

Rome the Chihuahua is lucky to be alive. A woman saw the dog get hit by a car and brought him to a vet, where he stayed to recover for almost seven months. Due to his injuries, he had to be taken for walks in a baby carriage. Rome’s owner says he's the most loving dog and will “steal your heart in a minute.”

After Debra Redmond’s Bernese Mountain Dog unexpectedly passed away, she went to a rescue to find a young, outgoing dog. The rescue’s founder thought Saint, a Saint Bernard-Collie mix, would be a great fit for Redmond. Redmond wasn’t sure she could handle the dog. She decided to take Saint in for a two-week trial period and by day two, Redmond’s  father (who lived with her until his passing) was constantly asking, “You're not taking him back. are you?” By day three or four, her answer was, “No, he’s part of the family now.”

Shadow started his life in an animal shelter on the Virgin Islands. Due to a lack of interest in adopted dogs on the islands, he was shipped to a shelter in Maryland. Amy Hansen’s son Scott was walking dogs at the shelter when he met Shadow. He instantly knew the dog was a perfect fit for their family and insisted that they bring Shadow home.

Tiger (right) was rescued from a shelter five minutes before he was slated to be euthanized. Chaton (left) was left at the vet. They were both only a few weeks old when their foster family took them in, and they never left.

Stanley is a handsome Boston Terrier who was adopted from a Pennsylvania SPCA. He was adopted twice before finding his true home and his owners can't imagine why anyone would give him up. Their lives have been greatly enriched by the love Stanley has brought to their family over the past four years.

Kira the Husky mix was on a waiting list to go into an overpopulated shelter when her new family found her. She was in a dirty home with 16 other dogs. While she can be timid, Kira is very loving and is grateful to have a forever home.

Cooper and Nico are not only rescue dogs; they are brothers and best friends. These Rhodesian-Lab mixes recently turned 1 and have changed their owner's life for the better.

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