Trendy Gifts for Pets and Pet Lovers

Whether you're searching for the perfect present for your own pet or want to buy a little something for that special pet owner in your life, one thing is certain: You want it to be a hit. We don't know whether your dog prefers toys that squeak over ones that crackle, or what your best friend's favorite color is, but we do know what's trending in the pet world.From fashionable finds to tech toys, we've found the perfect pet gifts.

Pet Products by Fashion Designers

dog in bow tie
Credit: Tory Burch
Can you picture your precious pup in a cute bow tie? We can.

There's no disputing that our pets are an enormously important part of the family, with many pet owners thinking of their dogs and cats more like children than animals, so it's not surprising that some savvy fashion designers have taken note and are providing high-style pet products.

Nicole Miller has a line you can find (at a bargain!) at PetSmart. The Stud dog collar and leash ($19.99) are certainly cute, although we're particularly taken by the houndstooth treat jar ($19.99).

Willing to spend a little more to get your doggie a designer gift? Tory Burch has a wool bow tie collar ($65), and Gucci comes through with an adjustable collar ($335) and matching leash ($530), both of which feature the company's signature web.

And if you're thinking more of the pet owner than the pet, Kate Spade's Dear Pet Sitter notepad ($10) is a sweet little stocking stuffer.

Cat food puzzle
Credit: Company of Animals
A food puzzle stimulates your kitty's mind and instincts.

Toys That Do More

You can't turn a corner in a store selling pet products these days without finding a toy designed to stimulate Fido or Fluffy's mind—and we couldn't behappier about it. You know how we feel about puzzle toys!

The Toppl from West Paw Designs ($14.95 for the small size and $19.95 for thelarge) traps treats within its walls with ridges and tips. It's recyclable, BPA and phthalate free, and you can interlock the two sizes to create a puzzle that will give even super wily dogs a challenge.

And, cat lovers, don't worry — we've got you covered, too! The Catch by Company of Animals ($24.90 at Prime Pet Supply) slows down speedy eaters and gets your cat's mind involved in mealtime, encouraging her to use some of her natural instincts to catch her food with her paws. (We advise putting only some of your cat's food in the Catch to avoid malnutrition or food aversion.)

Tech for Pets

From our smartphones and tablets to activity trackers and GPS watches, many of us are seriously tech savvy. Shouldn't we take advantage of pet tech as well?

dog walk pedometer
Credit: 26 Bars & a Band
Take care of your dog's doo and track your steps, too!

The Stride Original ($20) from 26 Bars & a Band provides two of the more important things you need on a walk (a bag dispenser and hand sanitizer) along with something you'll love — a pedometer! No reason your pup shouldn't benefit from your fitness goals, right?

We were excited about the iCPooch treat dispenser ($139.99) when it debuted at Global Pet Expo, and we're thrilled to see it on the market for the holidays. This cool contraption allows a pet owner to video chat with his pet while away and even delivers a treat when it's paired with the free companion app.

Speaking of monitoring a pet from afar, there's the Motorola Scout1 Wi-Fi video pet monitor ($219.99 at PetSmart), which not only lets you keep an eye on what's going on at home from your mobile device, but also lets you record video or take snapshots when your pet is being especially cute (or especially naughty) for the camera.

dog bed
Credit: Sealy
Big enough for one large dog — or several small, snuggly ones.

GoPro is huge right now, and the company's Fetch dog harness ($59.99) is already making a big splash. With two mounting locations and a widely adjustable fit, this harness is padded, washable and, at least as far as one of our editors is concerned, the perfect gift, especially for an adventurous pup.

With technology comes comfort for dogs of all sizes. Sealy now offers its Max Sealy dog bed ($99.99-$199.99) in an extra-large size, which is perfect for giant breeds or homes with multiple dogs who like to snuggle. The Quad Layer Technology includes a cooling gel that keeps dogs comfortable; PetRest memory foam, which conforms to your pet's body shape and increases circulation; Bio Green orthopedic foam to provide freshness; and a charcoal base to absorb odor. That might just make these dog beds nicer than your bed.

Tagg GPS Plus (on sale for $79.95) is the first major redesign for the pet tracker company since 2012, and those looking for a GPS locator for their pet might find some of the features pretty cool. The new version still offers activity monitoring and location tracking with notification if your pet strays from a specified area, but now it also includes an ambient temperature sensor to help alert owners to potentially dangerous temperature situations.

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