What Owners Need to Know About Pet Organ Transplants

two cats look out the window
Photo courtesy of Dr. Lillian Aronson
A kidney donor cat and the transplant recipient.

Donating Organs

Perhaps in the future, veterinarians will explore new methods of obtaining donor organs. For now, Dr. Aronson says, there are so many homeless animals in shelters that taking one kidney and having the recipient's owner adopt the donor pet seems to be the best way. She rarely receives inquiries from owners who want to donate their cats' organs, and even if she did, it is not something being done at this time.

Finding Information

If your cat is suffering from kidney failure and you want to learn more about transplant options, a good place to start is by talking with your veterinarian. While she may not know all the specifics, she should be able to point you in the direction of a specialist or transplant facility.


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