Why Does My Dog... Roam?

How to Respond

To help keep your dog from roaming, give her more attention and exercise. Do not leave her outside for long periods of time. Make her part of the family so that she bonds closely to you and loses her desire to roam. Take her for walks, play ball with her, and let her stay inside as much as possible, so she can be close to the family.

Dogs who are bored, anxious or lonely may roam in order to seek excitement and company. If you leave your dog alone in the backyard for hours on end, she is likely to go stir-crazy and feel desperate for some stimulation. There may be no better way for her to get that stimulation than by taking a jaunt around the neighborhood to see what is going on. To your dog, getting loose may be an opportunity to sniff fire hydrants, visit with other dogs, and maybe even find a friendly human along the way. Making sure she has enough playtime and interaction at home can help quell her desire to explore.

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