Why Play Is Important for Kittens

When you leave your kitten for the day, make sure there's nothing to entice him to play that could be dangerous. But do leave him a variety of safe toys and diversions, such as scratching posts, ledges, climbing trees, cat toys on springs, pingpong balls, catnip mice or interactive toys that deliver food or treats when the cat works at them. Some cats even enjoy watching cat DVDs of swimming fish and flying birds. Never leave string toys, which the cat could swallow and which can cause serious intestinal problems sometimes needing surgery. Your young cat needs stimulation, and if you don't give him safe outlets, he'll come up with his own.

Fun Ways to Play With Your Kitten

When you're with your kitten, you can roll pingpong balls, dangle feathers or even go "cat fishing" with a toy on the end of a little rod and reel. Many cats appreciate modern technology, especially laser light pointing toys and remote-control mice. As fun and tempting as it is to use your hands as targets, you may regret this as your cat gets older. A few cats become too rambunctious in their play, in which case you need to redirect their unacceptable play to acceptable play.

Playing with your cat is not only good for exercising your cat mentally and physically, but also for strengthening the bond between you. Your cat will associate you with having a good time. Plus, games are fun for both of you!

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