Bone broth has been hailed as a superfood for humans, lauded for promoting joint health, digestive health, and a strong immune system, among other benefits. But humans aren’t the only species that can use bone broth as part of a balanced meal plan. 

As pet parents like myself strive to improve their dog’s nutrition beyond run of the mill kibbles and bits, bone broth for dogs can be a suitable option to help enhance and balance their diet and lifestyle. And for those of us looking for both quality and convenience, store-bought bone broth for dogs, like Brutus Broth, offers a compelling meal-time solution.   

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Read on to see the benefits of bone broth for dogs and if Brutus Bone Broth could be right for you and your furry family members.

Is Bone Broth Good for Dogs?

Brutus Bone Broth in bowl

Bone broths have been a traditional diet staple in nearly every human culture for centuries because they are nutrient-dense, easy to digest, and rich in flavor. When prepared specifically for your pet (e.g., without any toxic ingredients like garlic or onion), bone broth can be good for dogs.

Bone broth for dogs provides an excellent source of added essential minerals to your pet’s diet, including calcium and magnesium which can aid with bone strength and bone density. Some bone broths for dogs also feature glucosamine and chondroitin, which aid in joint health and help comfort painful ailments. Bone broths are also rich in collagen, which studies have shown supports muscle strength. These broths have been used to help support the immune system and even fight food sensitivities and other allergies, too. 

Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

The benefits of bone broth for dogs are numerous and extensive. Bone broth for dogs:  

  • Improves joint health.
  • Provides an excellent source of hydration and nourishment.
  • Offers a quality source of essential minerals.
  • Supports digestive health.
  • Promotes natural detoxification.
  • Offers immune support.
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, teeth, and nails.

What Is Brutus Bone Broth?

Family behind Brutus Broth

Brutus Bone Broth is a family-run business, whose story began in 2016 out of the family’s love for their senior dog, Brutus.

After leading an active life as a puppy, Brutus faced many of the ailments that befall senior dogs. Seeking remedies to help with Brutus’ comfort, the family found that adding bone broth to his meals not only gave him a tastier meal, but provided added nutritional benefits and helped make his dry food easily digestible. Thus, Brutus Bone Broth, and the quest to share the family’s success with other dogs in need, was born. 

What separates Brutus Broth is the brand’s carefully crafted recipes, fortified with chondroitin and glucosamine to support your dog’s joint health as well as turmeric to combat inflammation. 

Beyond the products, the company is notable for its commitment to community and sustainability. Brutus Bone Broth has partnered with countless nonprofits and charities to highlight important causes to the animal world, created community-wide initiatives that give back to tomorrow’s youth leaders and entrepreneurs, and promoted sustainable business practices, from manufacturing to biodegradable packaging, as a proud member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC). 

Brutus Broth Overview: Product Offerings and Where to Buy

Brutus Broth products on table

Five years after Brutus Bone Broth’s inception, the company has continued to share its recipes with the dog world, with its product portfolio now including: 

Chicken and Beef Flavored Bone Broths: Boxed versions of the brand’s chicken bone broth for dogs and beef bone broth for dogs, fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin.

Chicken and Beef Flavored Biscuits: Light and airy biscuits formulated with Brutus’ human-grade broth.

Brutus Broth On The Go: A travel-sized, powdered version of its all-natural broth, easily mixed with water while on the move and perfect for active families.

Brutus Bone Broth’s products are available for purchase directly online at the company’s website (10% off with code BBAFF10) and at major online retailers including Amazon.

Brutus Bone Broth is also available at a number of major retailers and boutiques, including: 

  • Petco
  • Target
  • Wegmans
  • Shoprite
  • Giant Eagle
  • Key Food 
  • Adams
  • Lulus Pet Fantasy
  • Better Bowl Co
  • Yuppy Puppy
  • and more

Visit the company’s website and use their location tool to find Brutus Bone Broth at a store near you.

Putting Brutus Bone Broth to the Test

Wally trying Brutus Broth

My family and I had the pleasure of trying Brutus Bone Broth and biscuits for ourselves with our own rescue dog, Wally. As a 55-pound Shepherd mix who exhibits high bursts of energy, we wanted to incorporate Brutus Broth into Wally’s day-to-day routine as a tasty reward following activity out in the yard, and as a little afternoon snack to fill the gap between larger meals.  

We slowly introduced Wally to these new products over a couple of days…but our introduction was far slower than his fast love for this new tasty treat

We served all flavors of the biscuits and broths as a standalone item, instead of as a meal topper or part of a larger recipe, and let the chicken and beef flavors speak for themselves. 

We did, however, take Brutus Broth’s suggestion to try the broth frozen as a change of pace, much to Wally’s delight. 

Things We Like About Brutus Broth 

There was a lot to enjoy about the products from Brutus Bone Broth. Here are a few of the highlights:

Our dog loved the flavors. Both the Brutus Bone Broth and biscuits were high quality, flavorful products that our dog quickly gravitated to. It didn’t take long for Wally to recognize the sound of the biscuits being opened and to quickly assume his position waiting for his next treat. We’ve spent some time trying to figure out if he liked the chicken or the beef flavor better, but he’s kept a good poker face and it’s safe to assume he enjoyed both equally.

They were easy to use. We enjoyed the ease of use of these products, and the flexibility and convenience they allowed us as pet parents. While we chose to serve these items on their own, we easily could have adapted our servings to be meal toppers. Or, we could have spent more time and gotten creative with some recipes. The best thing about this product is its adaptability and malleability to whatever your current or desired routine is. 

We’re fans of the company mission. Beyond the products, we loved this company’s commitment to important causes, including their community outreach and their commitment to sustainability with biodegradable packaging. 

Things to Consider

While Wally was a definite fan and our experience testing and using the bone broths and biscuits was overwhelmingly positive, there are a couple things to keep in mind if you’re considering a purchase:

They’re only currently available in chicken and beef flavors. While our dog loved the chicken and beef flavors, we’d love to see Brutus Broth expand to offer additional flavors that we could try! 

The broths require refrigeration. Pet parents should just keep in mind the liquid broths require refrigeration after opening, but they last 30 days in the fridge. Luckily, the packaging reminded us after we gave Wally his first taste! The broths can also be stored for months in your pantry prior to opening.

How to Use Brutus Bone Broth for Dogs

bone broth ice cubes for dogs

Brutus Bone Broth is an easy product to slot into your dog’s existing diet, and can be given to your dog a number of ways. 

Brutus Bone Broth works great as: 

  • A treat on its own.
  • A meal topper.
  • A flavorful part of a larger recipe.

As A Treat on Its Own

Brutus Bone Broth is easy to serve between larger meals as a standalone treat, straight up. Depending on your pup’s preference, you may want to warm the broth slightly. 

Alternately, if your dog is a fan of frozen items, try freezing Brutus Bone Broth (like we did!) into ice cube-sized treats that are sure to refresh. 

As a Meal Topper

Brutus Bone Broth is packed with flavor, and works great as a meal topper to entice even the pickiest of canine diners. And for those with older dogs who have a bit more trouble with their dry kibble, try adding Brutus Bone Broth to the top of their food to soften it and add flavor. 

As a Flavorful Part of a Larger Recipe

For the culinary inclined, try making your own creations at home that incorporate Brutus Bone Broth flavors into the mix. Brutus Bone Broth has quite a few fun recipes dog parents can try at home, from breakfast frittatas to fried rice and even a canine chili perfect for Game Day. Check out their site for full recipe inspiration!

Brutus Broth for Dogs: Our Verdict

Bone broth is a healthy food for dogs, and Brutus Bone Broth’s unique and flavorful recipes for both its broth and its biscuits get high marks from our pet and this pet parent. It’s a high-quality product that our dog thoroughly enjoyed. 

Beyond the products, the brand’s commitment to important causes and its position as a family run business made us feel good about supporting this company. After a few short weeks, we’ve definitely been won over and will be adding Brutus Bone Broth to our cart on our next shopping trip!