Novelty knits are a treasured holiday tradition. From ugly Christmas sweater parties to handmade gifts from grandma, they’re woven into the very fabric of the season. 

This year, we’re inviting our pets to join in on the fun. Whether you’re looking for a furry merry cardigan or a purrfect pullover, we found the holly-jolliest cat Christmas sweaters for both festive felines and proud pet parents alike. 

Cat Christmas Sweater Picks For Your Pet

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Did you cat ask for a Christmas sweater? Technically, no. But he definitely needs one of these. 

Fair Isle Cat Hoodie

Fair Isle Cat Sweater

You can’t get any more classic than this comfy-cozy sweater. Featuring a timeless fair isle pattern and plush fleece lining, it’s sure to get your kitty feline Christmas-y. Available in Santa-ready red for the festive feline on your list. 

Crochet Elf Cat Sweater Set

Cat Christmas elf sweater set

Famously hardworking and unfailingly helpful, Santa’s elves are the polar opposites of cats. That’s why we love this kitschy kitty sweater set so much. With a loose crochet weave, this set goes around your cat’s neck and on top of her head, but will leave your feline’s body free. Plus you can always use the hat for a quick photo and ditch it so your cat stays comfortable all night long.   

Cat Christmas Cardigan 

Cat cardigan Christmas sweater

Get ready to break the Internet. This cat cardi is available in two holiday prints–Santa teddies or Christmas trees–and comes complete with photo-ready sunglasses, an adjustable collar, and bling for good measure. As a finder’s fee, we kindly ask to be added to your kitty Christmas card list.  

Reindeer Cat Sweater

reindeer cat Christmas hoodie

Let’s be honest—there’s no way any self-respecting cat would help lug a sleigh around on a cold night. But you could probably convince your four-legged friend to dress up as a reindeer for a quick holiday photo op. This reindeer-inspired cat Christmas sweater should do the trick!   

Women’s Cat Christmas Sweaters

We’re not kitten around, ladies—there’s no better way to show your kitty pride this Christmas. 

Christmas Cat Sweater Dress

Cat Christmas sweater dress for women

The only thing snugglier than a Christmas cat sweater? A Christmas cat sweater dress. Complete with an oversize turtleneck and pockets (!), this lengthy number features a plump bespectacled feline with pom-pom and sequin details. Add eggnog and Hallmark Christmas rom-coms for best results. 

Santa Claws Sweatshirt

Santa Claws cat sweater for women

As you can probably tell, we love (like really love) a good cat pun. Available in four colors and designed to look like a classic sweater knit, this playful pullover is actually a plush cotton sweatshirt. (Meaning if your own Santa Claws is feeling a little feisty, the smooth knit is much less likely to pull and pill.)

Cats for Everybody Christmas Sweatshirt 

Funny cat Christmas sweater for women

Available in four colors, this silly sweatshirt has gift advice we can get behind: “Cats for EVERYBODY.” Santa baby, toss a kitty this way.   

Personalized Christmas Cat Sweatshirt

Personalized cat Christmas sweater for women

For next-level feline festivities, consider a custom cat sweatshirt featuring your own Santa paws. This fun Etsy option allows you to send along photos of your pet(s), then turns them into a one-of-a-kind pullover. (It also makes a great gift for the cat fanciers on your list!)

Men’s Cat Christmas Sweaters

Fellas, these fa-la-la-la feline sweaters are for you. 

Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly cat Christmas sweater for men

Boasting three different types of animal prints (leopard, lion, and cheetah) as well as a saucy Santa kitty, this pullover has a wild side. Pop it on for everything from family parties to Zoom meetings when you want to bring that Big Cat Energy. 

DJ Cat Christmas Sweatshirt

DJ cat Christmas sweater for men

Pizza, beer, DJ cat: This aggressively silly pullover is its own holiday party. Plus, it’s practically guaranteed to win your office’s ugly sweater contest. 

Cat Attack Sweater

Cat attack Christmas sweater for men

In the age of the Ugly Christmas Sweater, there tons of kitschy cat designs out there. This one, however, will probably still turn heads. Featuring a giant demonic Santa cat with laser beam eyes, it’s loudly and proudly on the naughty list. 

Christmas Tree Killer Sweatshirt 

Funny cat Christmas sweater for men

Have an evergreen assassin on your hands? Celebrate (and/or shame) your mischievous pet with this festive pullover. Balancing tradition and novelty, it features a classic fair isle frame around a kitty mug shot. Busted, little buddy. 

Tips for Getting Your Cat to Wear a Sweater

Everyone loves a well-dressed cat. But cats tend to be wary about clothing – and some may never warm up to the idea. Before shopping for a cat holiday sweater, consider the following tips. 

Never force it. We’ll start with the golden rule: If your cat is displaying signs of stress or anxiety while trying on or wearing clothes, do not attempt to coax or force them into the garment.

Find your fit. Your cat’s sweater should fit close enough to the body that it doesn’t get caught on furniture, but not so tight that it limits movement. Bulky clothing that impedes vision or hearing should be avoided.  

Avoid small parts. Cute embellishments can quickly become choking hazards! 

Monitor your pet. Don’t leave your pet alone after introducing a new sweater. Monitor them to make sure they’re comfortable, and that the garment doesn’t restrict movement. 

From our kitties to yours, meowy Christmas to all, and to all a good knit!