If your cat tends to pee or poop outside of the litter box, you may have considered cat diapers to control the mess. Cat diapers (yes, they exist) can be helpful, especially for older cats and those with disabilities.

How do you determine if your cat needs diapers? Here, we explain what you need to know about cat diapers and offer some product recommendations. Since inappropriate urination can signal a possible health or behavioral issue, we recommend checking with your veterinarian first.

Best Cat Diapers: Our Picks

We recommend these cat diapers for comfort, durability, and customization options. We prioritized products with positive customer reviews or from established companies. 

6 Best Cat Diapers

Here are the six that that came out on top from our research and experiences.

Best Overall Cat Diapers

Our Pick: Hartz Disposable Cat Diapers

cat diapers with cat sitting nearby

Designed specifically to conform to a cat’s body, these diapers include essential features like adjustable tabs, custom fitting around the legs, and a customizable tail hole. FlashDry technology built into the inner pad transforms urine into a gel for up to 12 hours. (We recommend changing diapers for cats at least every four hours.) They’re offered in two appealing prints, including light denim and blue and red checkers. 


  • They’re designed specifically for cats.
  • Essential features like adjustable tabs allow for a more customized fit.
  • They’re from Hartz Mountain, a company that’s been in existence since 1926.

Things to Consider:

  • Disposables have to be tossed after each use.
  • Can be a bit pricey.

Best Male Cat Diapers

Our Pick: Barkertime Cat Diaper Stud Pants

red diaper for cat

These pull-up, machine-washable stud pants are ideal for unneutered male cats who spray. Instead of placing the tail through a hole, straps extend around the cat’s bottom and under the tail, allowing him to poop while capturing the spray and pee. We also love that they’re hand-crafted in the United States by a small business. Note that although they’re called stud pants, you can use them on female cats.


  • They’re machine-washable, making them easy to care for.
  • The pull-up design makes it easier to get them on and off.
  • They’re made by a small, U.S. business.

Things to Consider:

  • At about $65 for a small pair, they can be considered pricey. However, if you plan to use them frequently, they can be a good investment—plus, they save on waste.
  • You’ll still need to insert a new liner after each use, which is not included.

Best Female Cat Diapers

Our Pick: Paw Inspired Disposable Diapers

Cat diapers from Paw Inspired

These are a good choice for un-spayed female cats who spray or urinate more frequently while in heat. With nearly 16,000 customer ratings, the cat diapers get high marks for absorbency, leak prevention, fit, and comfort. This is because of features like DrySpeed Technology that converts urine into gel, fur-safe fasteners, and leak-proof edges. Note that they’re marketed for dogs but are suitable for cats.


  • They’ve accumulated nearly 16,000 ratings on Amazon, earning high marks for absorbency, leak prevention, fit, and comfort.
  • Built-in technology converts urine into gel.

Things to Consider:

  • Though they can be used on cats, they’re marketed for dogs.
  • They can’t be reused.
  • They’re only available in white.

Best Disposable Cat Diapers

Our Pick: Pet Soft Disposable Cat Diapers

cat diapers in pink

These diapers get high grades for absorbency, leak protection, and fit. We like the extra attention given to details like the foam tail hole and an elastic waist band that can easily be adjusted. They’re also light enough for use in warmer weather and come in a pretty pink plaid pattern.


  • Customers have commented positively on their absorbency, leak protection, and fit.
  • Details like a foam-based tail hole and elastic waist help ensure comfort and a better fit.

Things to Consider:

  • They can’t be reused like washable ones. 
  • They’re only available in one pattern and sizes are limited.

Best Reusable Cat Diapers

Our Pick: Pet Parents Premium Washable Diapers

Pet Parents variety of diapers for cats

It’s easy to see why these diapers have amassed more than 18,000 customer ratings. They’re made of soft polyester with features like fur-safe Velcro tabs and an elastic tail hole for a secure fit. The waterproof outer layer and moisture-wicking material are designed to provide absorbency. These cat diapers come in a pack of three, so you’ll always have one on hand. Another plus: Pet Parents is a small U.S.-based business that donates products to animal shelters. 


  • They have more than 18,000 customer ratings on Amazon alone.
  • A package includes three pairs for about $22.
  • Includes thoughtful features, like an elastic tail hole and fur-safe Velcro tabs.
  • Made by a small U.S.-based business that donates products to animal shelters.

Things to Consider:

  • Some customers mentioned having issues with sizing and fit.

Best Post-Surgical Cat Diapers

Our Pick: Sunfura Cat Recovery Suit

cat diapers with cat nearby

We admit, it’s the kicky designs that first got our attention. Looking past appearance, there’s still a lot to love about this recovery suit – like the soft, cotton material, and magic tape for facilitating easier placement and removal. Keep in mind that this suit is designed for cats who’ve had surgery or are recovering from an injury; your cat will still be able to pee and poop.


  • They’re a good option for after surgery, as they prevent cats from picking at wounds.
  • They come in an array of fun designs like dinosaurs, elephants, and sheep.
  • They’re machine washable.

Things to Consider:

  • They’re not designed to prevent messes. 

Other Cat Diaper Options

If you can’t find appropriate cat diapers, you may want to check out our recommended dog diapers

“You might have to use small dog or extra small dog diapers as diapers are much more commonly used in dogs,” says Dr. Sasha Gibbons, an associate veterinarian at Just Cats Veterinary Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. 

Another possibility: “Certain private sellers on Etsy or eBay can make customizable fabric diapers tailored to your cat’s size,” Dr. Gibbons adds. 

What Are Cat Diapers?

Diapers for cats are designed much like human baby diapers. In fact, with a few simple alterations (like cutting a hole for the tail), baby diapers -and dog diapers– can be used on cats. 

Pretty cat stares at camera

Types of Cat Diapers

Cat diapers come in various sizes and usually have a mechanism -like adhesive tabs or straps- to customize fit. They’re available in disposable and washable forms and in a range of prints. Variations include the onesie, used post-surgery to protect affected areas; and stud or queen pants, diapers for cats in heat.

Disposable cat diapers consist of an outer layer (fibers include paper, plastic, or cotton) atop a built-in padded layer that absorbs waste. Once they’ve been soiled, they can’t be reused.

Cloth-based reusable cat diapers generally perform and look like disposable diapers, except that they can be washed and re-worn. Most require a disposable inner pad for increased absorption. 

Can All Cats Wear Diapers?

Most male and female adult cats and kittens can wear diapers. However, they may not be appropriate for all situations, so it’s best to check with your veterinarian first.

Cat Diapers: Why You Might Need Them

Diapers are not generally a long-term solution for most cats. “Before using diapers, cats need to be examined by a veterinarian for the elimination issues. Serious and painful medical problems often cause cats to eliminate outside the litter box,” says Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant and owner of The Cat Coach in the San Francisco Bay area.

That said, “Diaper use can be helpful to those cats who truly need them, and can tolerate them,” says Dr. Gibbons. 

Ask your veterinarian if diapers are appropriate for your cat in the following situations. 

For Cat Incontinence

While diapers are effective at preventing messes, be sure your cat needs them. “Many cases of “incontinence” are easily treated diseases, such as urinary tract infections, or behavioral issues, such as territorial marking. In these cases, using a diaper is treating an issue that could be resolved by your veterinarian,” says Dr. Drew Weigner, feline practitioner and past president of EveryCat Health Foundation

Once your cat is cleared medically, consider working with a certified cat behavior specialist, recommends Heather Alvey, a certified feline behavior consultant and owner of Felidae Behavior Consulting. “They can help identify why your cat isn’t using the box and devise a plan to resolve the issue. If cleanliness is your concern, they can also help develop ideas to contain the problem without having to reach for diapers.” 

You may also want to examine your litter box setup, as cats are picky about where they use the bathroom.

During Road Travel

Any new situation, including car travel, can induce stress in cats, leading to increased urination. If your cat fits this profile, diapers might be a good option if you and your best friend will be taking a road trip. Just change them at least every four hours or when they become soiled.

To Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies

For cats who aren’t neutered or spayed, diapers can contain the spray and thus prevent unwanted pregnancies. Though standard cat diapers will work, those designed for this purpose are called stud or queen pants.

After Surgery or a Procedure

In some cases, they can be used after surgery, says Dr. Weigner. It’s a way to prevent your cat from chewing the affected area.

These types are sometimes referred to as onesies or recovery suits.  

Seniors and Cats with Physical Limitations 

Physical disability is a top reason why pet parents consider cat diapers, says Dr. Gibbons. “Common disabilities include incontinence or mobility issues. Luckily, primary incontinence (age-related degeneration of nerves) is uncommon, but incontinence from trauma, cancer, or other medical issues can occur.”

Pros and Cons of Cat Diapers

There are a few things to consider on both ends of the spectrum.

Pros of Using Cat Diapers

A Cleaner Home

You don’t need for us to tell you how powerful the smell of cat pee is, and that it can linger even once the stains have been removed. Diapers for cats can indeed help prevent the messes, making them an especially good option for cats who cannot use the litter box.

Can Be Used Instead of a Surgical Cone

If your cat has had a surgery or procedure and you don’t relish the thought of fitting him with a collar or cone, diapers or recovery suits may be a good option. They’ll help prevent your cat from picking at or chewing the wound.

Offers an Alternative to Being Re-Homed

Inappropriate elimination is a primary reason cats are surrendered to humane societies. If a cat is unable to use a litter box due to physical or mental issues, diapers provide an option to re-homing or euthanasia.

Cons of Using Cat Diapers

They Need to Be Changed Frequently

They must be changed when they become soiled, or at least every four hours. “So, cat parents need to closely monitor their cats and immediately change diapers after they are used, says Krieger, author of Naughty No More!.”

Cats value cleanliness, so when their diapers are soiled, “They have to walk around with the urine and feces until their diaper is changed. Most cats will not tolerate this sensation very well, leading to discomfort and stress,” says Alvey.

Plus remaining in diapers for too long without having them changed can lead to rashes or infection, says Dr. Gibbons. 

There’s No Guarantee Your Cat Will Tolerate Diapers

Many cats don’t like wearing clothes, especially diapers, and will attempt to get them off, says Dr. Gibbons. “I personally had a handicapped cat who we tried diapers with. The reason was severe mobility issues, and difficulty getting access to the litterbox, and despite her handicap, she would do everything in her power to get out of them, including snagging the diaper on the bottom of furniture to get it off.”

Waste and Expense

Since they must be changed frequently, replacing them could be expensive if you use disposable diapers. Even reusable cat diapers require an additional disposable pad for added protection.

Cat Diapers May Hide Potential Medical or Behavioral Problems 

You could even be compounding the situation, says Alvey. “Medical cases such as FIC and UTIs, and can be caused by or exacerbated by stress. In addition to medical intervention, part of addressing medical issues is to decrease a cat’s overall stress level, not increase it.”

Cat diapers for small cats

Cat Diaper Buyer’s Guide

Once your veterinarian determines that diapers are a good option, you’re ready to go shopping. Here are a few features to look for.

Ease of Maintenance

They need to be changed as soon as they become soiled, or at least every four hours. If you choose reusable cat diapers, plan on doing a lot of laundry. “Washable diapers might end up being more economical in the long run but you will have to more than one to ensure that your cat is covered while washing the other diaper,” says Dr. Gibbons. 

If you don’t think you can commit to doing all that laundry, disposable cat diapers might be a better option.

Make Sure They’ll Fit

One of the biggest complaints pet parents have with them is that they don’t stay put, so taking time to measure your cat and choosing the correct size, is key. Though sizing instructions may vary by manufacturer, it’s usually determined by the cat’s size and waste circumference. 

Look for Useful Features

If the diapers aren’t comfortable, chances are your cat won’t wear them. Look for soft, breathable material, and features (like Velcro fasteners and special tape) that allow for easy adjustments.

Cat Diaper FAQs

Can cats wear diapers?

Most cats can technically wear diapers, though keeping them on may be a bit trickier.  

Do cat diapers work?

Cat diapers can keep the mess at bay, though it’s important to determine if your cat needs them. If your cat is urinating inappropriately, contact your veterinarian to rule out medical issues.

Can I use baby diapers on my cat?

Diapers made specifically for cats fit better than dog or baby diapers, says Dr. Weigner. “While human “preemie” baby diapers also work, you’ll need to cut a hole for their tail.”

Can you use dog diapers on a cat?

Experts say yes, and more options are available in the dog diaper category. Be aware of sizing differences when making your selection.

Any tips for how to keep the diaper on a cat?

The best way to keep them on, says SG, is to buy customized diapers tailored to your cat’s measurements, “But even then, there is no guarantee as cats are flexible (and smart creatures) and many do not like to be confined in clothes.” Another option, Dr. Gibbons adds, “If your cat will tolerate it, cat suspenders or attaching the diaper to a harness might help.”