Having a pair of dog boots might seem silly to some people, but footwear for pups is more than just a fashion accessory. 

While reasons for outfitting your furry friend with shoes vary, shopping for the perfect pair is important if you want them to be effective. 

Don’t immediately rule out booties for your pooch. Read on for the ins and outs and what you need to know before buying them.

Our Top Picks

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We rounded up our favorite dog boots for you to consider for your pooch based on your dog’s needs and your lifestyle. 

Best Protective Dog Boots

Our Pick: Ruffwear Summit Trex Weather Resistant Dog Boots

Ruffwear Summit Trex Dog Boots

Ideal for both hot and cold weather seasons, these weather-resistant boots will protect your dog’s paws from extreme temperatures, as well as chemicals that may be found on the ground (such as salt used to melt snow). Its stretch gaiter will also secure paws from dirt, debris, and moisture. We also love the traction in the outsoles.


  • Four boots are included in every set. 
  • Come in seven different sizes ranging from 1.75 inches to 3.25 inches (sizes are based on paw size).
  • Includes reflective rim.

Things to Consider

  • At the moment, gray is the only color available

Runner Up

Best Snow Boots for Dogs

Our Pick: PIHAPPY Warm Winter Little Pet Dog Boots

PIHAPPY Warm Winter Little Pet Dog UGGs

Think of these shoes as UGGs for dogs. Waterproof (to protect your pooch from ice and snow), these dog boots are also lined with fleece to keep their paws warm. Its anti-skid sole feels light, but is great for giving your dog traction on slippery, icy surfaces and even inside the home on the floor.


  • Great for warmth.
  • Perfect for really small dogs like Chihuahuas. 
  • Highly stylish for dogs that enjoy fashion.

Things to Consider

  • Will not fit big dogs.

Runners Up

Best Rain Boots for Dogs

Our Pick: Pawz 3-Inch to 4-Inch Water-Proof Dog Boots

Pawz 3-Inch to 4-Inch Water-Proof Dog paw protection

These boots simply look like rubber socks, but they’re the most secure for keeping your dog’s paws dry during walks in the rain. And the best part is, you won’t need to use zippers or straps.


  • Made of 100-percent biodegradable natural rubber.
  • No zippers or straps needed to keep them on.
  • Provides traction control. 
  • Boots are reusable. 

Things to Consider

  • Not ideal for hiking trips on rough terrain. 
  • Come in different colors and sizes, but you have to visit the PawZ store on Amazon to find them.

Runner Up

Best Dog Boots for Summer

Our Pick: Lymenden Breathable Dog Boots

summer boots for dogs

For summer, dogs should wear a breathable shoe that also provides protection and traction at the same time. These boots are designed to keep your dog’s paws dry and safe from hot surfaces all summer long.


  • Comes in eight different sizes.
  • Expands with reflective and adjustable straps for comfort and safety.

Things to Consider

  • Not ideal for cold-weather months or rough terrain. 

Runners Up

Best Dog Paw Covering for Medical Reasons

Our Pick: Ultra Paws Wound Dog Boot

Ultra Paws Wound Dog shoes

This boot, ideal for when your pup has a wound to cover (like a hot spot), will help with the healing process. When worn, your dog won’t be able to lick or bite their wounds, while keeping it dry which will speed up healing. Spandex sides and fuzzy fastener straps will help keep the boot on your dog’s paw.


  • Comes in five sizes.
  • Sole is made from non-skid PVC for good traction.

Things to Consider

  • Price includes only one shoe
  • Boot is not waterproof as it needs to breathe to help heal the wound (use a bag around the boot to keep moisture out when taking your dog for a walk).

Runner Up

Best Dog Shoes for Hiking

Our Pick: Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

Kurgo Blaze Cross Dog Shoes

Hiking with your dog requires some thoughtful gear to keep you both safe and comfortable. The most important thing to factor when you are buying dog boots for hiking is a durable sole, which this Kurgo boot embodies.

These are also constructed of breathable mesh and rubberized synthetic leather uppers, and a sole that conforms to the structure of your dog’s pads. It’ll be great for long walks. Though this shoe is lightweight, its water resistant ripstop material will keep moisture out. Your pup’s paws will be protected from snow, ice, salt, heat, glass, thorns, sharp rocks, and more.


  • Comes in six sizes. 
  • Includes an ankle cord that’s easy to adjust.
  • Includes ergonomic no-slip soles.

Things to Consider

  • Reviewers mentioned that you will have to train your dog to be comfortable wearing these for hikes. Take it slow and keep training positive!

Runners Up

Reasons Your Dog Might Need Boots

Although a dog’s paw pads are designed to withstand normal walking outside, there are plenty of reasons to consider investing in a pair of foot coverings for your dog. Winter brings snow, ice, and dangerous chemicals, while summer means hot pavement—all of which can damage your dog’s paw pads.

Additionally, if you participate in a lot of outdoor activities like hiking, rocky or tough terrain can be problematic for your pup’s paws and boots can offer some extra protection.

Good reasons to use them include: 

  • Injury (such as cuts and scrapes need to heal)
  • Winter protection from deicers and cold weather 
  • Protection from hot pavement in the summer
  • When walking or hiking on rough terrain
  • Dogs who are allergic to grass

While not every dog will need boots, pet parents should factor in their location, their lifestyle, and activities they participate in with their dogs and decide if boots are a good option for their canine companions. 

What to Look For in Dog Boots

Dog wearing boots hiking

Before you buy, it’s always important to do your research. Reading reviews from other dog boot buyers (to uncover the pair’s efficacy and durability) is one great step. 

You should also know some shopping factors to help you decide. For instance, dog booties typically come in sizes extra small to extra large, which range based on paw length. 

You should also find boots that provide good traction so your pup won’t slip. Protective soles are also pretty important if your dog is walking on either cold or hot pavement. Also find out if the boots you’re buying are waterproof. 

How We Ranked Our Top Dog Boots

As you can see, we rounded up our favorite dog boots on the market, factoring in the different features you may be looking for, as well as sizes, and options for different purposes and activities. 

Within those different specifications, we narrowed down the list by looking at overall ratings, plus the number of reviews. In other words, we selected the dog boots with 4-star ratings or higher and those with the most reviews. In addition to looking at the pros according to customers, we also considered the cons.