Laminated floors, hardwood, and other slippery surfaces can be tricky for any dog to maneuver. They’re especially perilous for senior pups and those with health or mobility issues, sometimes resulting in bruising, broken bones, and other injuries – not to mention pricy veterinary bills. That’s why many pet parents use dog grip socks to help provide some traction and prevent their pup from slipping and sliding.

Not sure where to start the canine sock selection process? Read on for our list of the best grip socks for dogs, as well as tips for choosing right ones and getting your dog comfortable wearing them.

Our Top Grip Picks

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6 Best Dog Grip Socks of 2024

Best Indoor Dog Grip Socks

Our pick: BEAUTYZOO Anti-slip Dog Socks with Grip Traction Control

BEAUTYZOO Anti-slip Dog Socks with Grip Traction Control

Crafted with 75% cotton, these slip-on dog gripping socks provide comfort and breathability, making them a practical option for everyday indoor use. They contain elastic for flexibility, and an optional adjustable strap helps the sock stay put without feeling confining. Plus, they come in an assortment of playful patterns, and each package contains two additional replacement socks.


  • Made of 75% cotton with elastic for added flexibility
  • Customers give the socks high grades for comfort
  • Detachable, adjustable elastic strap 
  • Includes two extra replacement socks


  • Hand washing is recommended
  • The rubber grip on the bottom is fairly small
  • There’s not a lot of information available about this manufacturer (They were founded in 2021)

Best Outdoor Dog Grip Socks

Our pick: Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Booties

Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Booties

If you like taking your dog for walks minus the slips and falls, these neoprene dog booties are a solid option. Though not as breathable as cotton, neoprene is a flexible material that conforms to your pup’s foot while providing protection from the elements and dangerous objects. Instead of rubber patches, these booties rely on a non-skid rubber sole for traction. The adjustable strap has reflective properties for increased visibility, and a slit at the back of the booties makes them easier to pull on and off. 


  • Made of flexible neoprene for protection from the elements
  • Reflective straps offer added visibility, especially in low-light conditions
  • Back slit provides easy on and off
  • Customers commented on how well the shoes conformed to the dog’s foot
  • Machine washable (gentle cycle) or can be wiped down with a wet cloth
  • Manufactured by a small business


  • Neoprene can feel confining for some dogs
  • Higher price point

Cutest Dog Grip Socks

Our pick: RC Pet Products PAWks

RC Pet Products PAWks

What’s not to love about this sock monkey design fashioned with a red paw-shaped rubber grip on the bottom? These dog grip socks aren’t just fun to look at, either. The cotton-blend material offers stretch and comfort (a feature that scored high with customers), and they’re machine washable for simple cleaning.


  • Received high marks from customers for stretch, durability, and comfort
  • Manufacturer offers an assortment of playful designs like “sneakers” and pink “Mary Janes”
  • Machine washable for easy maintenance
  • RC Pet Products offers financial support to animal rescues and shelters throughout Canada and the United States


  • Bottom grip is fairly small
  • No adjustable strap

Best Value Dog Grip Socks

Our pick: SCIROKKO Anti-Slip Dog Socks 3-Pack

SCIROKKO Anti-Slip Dog Socks 3-Pack

We love that this pick comes with three pairs of dog grip socks – it means you’ll always have a backup! These cotton-blend socks are designed with large paw print grips on the sole to give your pup increased traction. The adjustable elastic strap helps create a snug fit, and you can even remove it for added convenience. Plus, coming in at just under $14, this 3-pack definitely delivers a lot of bang for your buck.


  • Breathable cotton-blend fabric for comfortable wear
  • Large paw print sole grips
  • Adjustable, removable elastic strap
  • Great price point for three pairs


  • Some customers had sizing issues

Best Grip Socks for Dogs with Longer Feet

Our pick: Woodrow Wear Power Paws Greyhound Edition Reinforced Foot Dog Socks

Woodrow Wear Power Paws Greyhound Edition Reinforced Foot Dog Socks

These dog gripping socks aren’t just for Greyhounds. They’re designed for any dog with longer feet, longer nails, or neurological problems. The foot of the sock is reinforced for longer indoor/outdoor wear, and a paw-shaped rubber grip encompasses a large portion of the bottom for traction. 


  • Great option for dogs with longer feet or nails
  • Made of cotton with a reinforced foot for added durability
  • Ideal for indoors or outdoors
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Woodrow Wear is a small business that donates to animal charities


  • No adjustable straps
  • Customer concerns centered around fit
  • Higher price point

Best Dog Grip Socks with Added Traction

Our pick: Dog Quality Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks

Dog Quality Grippers Non Slip Dog Socks

Grippers are made by Dog Quality, a small business that specializes in apparel and supplies for senior pups. The entire bottom of these dog booties features a non-slip rubber coating for optimal traction and stability. Plus, they provide a water barrier, making them a good option for outside wear. Velcro straps offer a more customized fit.


  • Rubberized bottom provides optimal traction
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors (though they’re not recommended for snow and ice)
  • Company specializes in products for senior dogs


  • Rubber can feel restrictive for some dogs
  • Hand wash only
  • Higher price point

What Are Dog Grip Socks?

Designed to help prevent dogs from sliding on slippery surfaces, dog grip socks have become increasingly popular solutions for many pet parents. Though any adult dog can wear dog socks, those with a propensity to slip and fall can benefit the most. “They can be helpful for older dogs with arthritis and weakness,” says Dr. Nancy Haiko, an associate veterinarian with Heart + Paw at their Glen Mills, Pennsylvania location.

Dog grip socks are similar to the grip socks humans wear to prevent falls. Most have rubberized tread on the sole to create traction. “These socks typically are designed to be snug around the leg above the paw so the sock will stay on by itself without any type of additional support,” explains Dr. Haiko. Some even include a flexible strap for a custom fit.

Grip socks for dogs can be easy to wear, provided they fit correctly. Success also depends on how well the dog will tolerate them. “Some dogs resent having anything on their feet. These individuals can be challenging to keep the socks on,” says Dr. Haiko, who adds that another potential issue is the anatomy of the dog’s foot. “Some dogs’ foot and leg conformation may be shaped in a way that allows the sock to slip off easily.” (Don’t worry, we have a recommendation if your dog fits this category.)

How We Made Our Selections

We started by asking veterinarians what makes for a good pair of non-slip dog socks or booties. Then, we searched through customer reviews for insights into factors like fit, comfort, and durability. If someone wrote a negative review, we wanted to know why. It’s also important to note that the socks on our list are ones we’d feel comfortable buying for our own pups.

Here are the features we looked at when compiling our list of best dog grip socks:

Safety and comfort. Dog grip socks should be made with a breathable, soft fabric (or something a little more durable for outside use). We kept an eye on the material of each selection to make sure it fit the bill. 

Proper fit. Most consumer complaints about grip socks for dogs revolve around poor fit – they’re either too tight or they fall off. With that in mind, we looked for products that easily conform to the foot or have an adjustable strap.

Ease of use. While getting a dog accustomed to wearing socks or dog booties can be rough at first, putting them on shouldn’t be a struggle. That’s why we tried to choose options that would be a help, not a hindrance.

Manufacturer reputation. We prefer manufacturers who are responsive to consumer questions and up front about their manufacturing processes, and who stand behind their products. Small businesses and those who donate to animal charities are a definite plus, and we tried to highlight them whenever possible.

Value. We chose socks that are effective, as well as reasonably priced. All of our selections land in the $10 to $35 range.

Dog Grip Socks Buyer’s Guide

There are a few key things to consider when buying dog grip socks. Be sure to check out the following before completing your purchase.

Type of Material

Dog socks and booties should preferably be washable and designed with some sort of mesh or fabric that lets the foot breathe, says Dr. Haiko. “Cotton socks are soft, very easy to care for, and breathable.” 

Indoor vs. Outdoor

As stated above, a pair of cotton or knit socks with good traction will likely suffice indoors. If, however, you spend a lot of time outdoors, you may need another specially designed pair. “Pet parents should consider booties for outdoor wear, especially in the cold winter months. These booties should be durable and constructed of waterproof material if possible,” says Dr. Haiko. For outdoor use, booties made with neoprene or rubber are your best bet.  

Proper Fit

Poor fit was the biggest customer complaint about all the dog grip socks we reviewed. To help ensure the best fit possible, take extra care to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to measure your dog’s paws. “The socks should not be too constricting since this could affect circulation in the paw.” explains Dr. Haiko. “The socks will specify the size parameters, and some have recommendations for specific breeds.” 

Care and Maintenance

Dr. Haiko mentions that dog grip socks need to be changed daily and washed after each use, so be sure to consider the cleaning process of the ones you choose. Check the care instructions before making a purchase, as not all are machine washable.

Your Dog’s Age

Dr. Haiko also warns that grip socks may not be the best option for puppies and young dogs. “They are more likely to chew the socks off of their feet and ingest them. Sock ingestion can be a popular hobby for some younger dogs.”

Tips for Getting Dogs Comfortable With Grip Socks

Getting a dog used to wearing socks is a gradual process, says Dr. Haiko. “If a dog has not worn socks in the past, it may take some time for [them] to adjust to the feeling and sensation.”

She recommends that you start by distracting your dog with toys, food, or treats. Once your pup is wearing the socks, she says it can be helpful to leave them on for just a few minutes at a time – and do this until your dog gets used to them. “Gradually increase the amount of time you keep the socks on the feet.”

Also keep safety in mind, she adds. “Do not leave the socks on while your dog is unattended until you can be certain your dog is comfortable wearing them and unlikely to ingest them.”