If you have a dog, you’re certainly no stranger to dirty paws. Taking your dog out for a walk or hike can be a great bonding experience, but the mud their paws track back in is no fun. Plus, keeping your dog’s paws clean isn’t just a good idea for keeping a tidy house – it can be better for everyone’s health as well. The good news is there are specially designed dog paw cleaners and washers that can help.

While something as simple as a towel can do the job, there are tools that are specially designed to make cleaning dog paws easy. Some of these are portable, some include a specialized cleaning solution, and some don’t require you to touch your pet’s paws at all. 

No matter which type you choose, dog paw cleaners and washers can make the dirty job of washing your pup’s paws simple and stress free.

Our Top Paw-Cleaning Picks

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Best Dog Paw Cleaners: 6 Easy-To-Use Picks

Best Overall Dog Paw Cleaner

Our Pick: Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

Our best overall pick is portable, easy-to-use, and effective, making it a great tool for cleaning your dog’s paws. This dog paw cleaner cup holds water and has silicone bristles that brush off dirt and debris from paws. To use, put your dog’s paw inside, twist the cup around so the bristles can get to work, dry the paw, and repeat with the others.

This paw cleaner is available in multiple sizes, so dogs as small as Chihuahuas or as large as German Shepherds can use it. There’s even a handy size chart on the product page, allowing you to choose the right one for your pet. And while keeping one of these cups by the door is a quick way to clean your dog’s paws before they step inside, it’s also available with a lid, so you can easily fill it with water to take on the go. 


  • All-in-one cup and brush design is simple to use
  • Portable cup can be kept in your car or bag
  • Multiple sizes available to fit your dog’s paws


  • Does not sanitize paws
  • Might take a bit for some dogs to get used to

Best Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner

Our Pick: DOGNESS Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner

DOGNESS Automatic Dog Paw Cleaner and Massager

This dog paw cleaning cup is similar to our best overall pick, with one big difference: it does all the work for you. This cleaning cut has 157 soft silicone bristles made of food-grade material inside that automatically scrub your pet’s paws at the push of a button – all you have to do is add water (and shampoo, if desired.) It’s also cordless and rechargeable, lasting about seven days on a single charge.

Because it only comes in one size, this dog paw cleaner is best suited for small and medium dog paws that measure less than two inches wide. You’ll also need some time to get your pup acclimated to the device since the noise and motion could scare them if it’s not introduced correctly. 


  • Automatic design can be more effective than similar manual cup cleaners
  • Battery lasts for approximately seven days of use before needing a recharge
  • Each charge takes 2.5 hours
  • Cordless, portable design can be brought on hikes or walks


  • Only available in one size
  • The charging cord is included but the plug is not
  • Noise and movement may be stressful for your dog
  • Higher price point

Best Dog Paw Cleaning Solution

Our Pick: PUPMATE Paw Cleaner

PUPMATE Paw Cleaner

When you want something more than just water to clean your dog’s paws, a solution like this one can be helpful. Safe for pets, this no-rinse formula uses plant-based ingredients to clean. The foamy solution is antibacterial and hydrating, as well as deodorizing, leaving behind a fresh rose scent. For added convenience, it also comes with a silicone brush on the cap that can help remove caked-on dirt.

A dog paw cleaning solution like this is great for when you don’t need to give your dog a full bath but still want to wash their paws. And since this cleanser doesn’t require any rinsing, it’s perfect if you don’t have access to water. It’s also easier to use on dogs who might not feel as comfortable putting their paws into a cleansing cup.


  • No-rinse solution can be used anytime, anywhere
  • Included silicone brush helps clean off dirt and debris
  • Formula is antibacterial, hydrating, and deodorizing


  • Can be pricier than other dog paw cleaning solutions

Best Dog Paw Sanitizing Solution

Our Pick: Skout’s Honor Paw Hand Sanitizer for Dogs

Skout's Honor Paw Hand Sanitizer for Dogs

If your dog has gotten into more than just mud, sometimes even a good scrub doesn’t feel clean enough. In those cases, a sanitizer like this one can help. This spray is easy to apply and kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, which is an especially good idea if your pup goes to dog parks or daycare where they might encounter messes from other dogs.

While this won’t actually remove dirt and debris from your dog’s paws, it can be used in conjunction with other methods or as needed. It’s free of fragrance and alcohol, which makes it ideal for sensitive paws, but be sure not to overdo it, since sanitizers can be drying. As an added bonus, you can use it on yourself, too.


  • Sanitizing solution can be used on both dog paws and human hands
  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • Free from fragrance and alcohol
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle


  • A sanitizer like this can be drying if applied too often, so save it for situations when your dog truly needs it
  • Doesn’t actually remove dirt or debris, so you may want to use this alongside another dog paw cleaner or washer

Best Dog Paw Wipes

Our Pick: Earth Rated Compostable Wipes for Dogs

Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Dog paw wipes are another good tool to have handy when your pup’s paws need a quick cleaning. They’re easy to bring along on outings, and dogs are often much more comfortable with them than other tools. These wipes — which can be used anywhere dogs need to be cleaned — are made with soothing ingredients including shea butter, chamomile, and aloe vera. They not only clean off debris, but also leave behind a soothing lavender scent.

The compostable wipes are environmentally friendly, and the hypoallergenic formula is safe for sensitive paws. And you can’t beat the value, with the 100-wipe pack coming in just under $10.


  • Easy to keep on hand wherever you are
  • Formulated to be both paw and environmentally friendly
  • Soothing formula cleans and moisturizes paws
  • Can be used all over, not just on paws
  • Great price point 


  • Multiple wipes may be needed if your dog is very dirty

Best Dog Paw Cleaner Mat

Our Pick: Gorilla Grip Soak Stopper Absorbent Indoor Chenille Doormat

Gorilla Grip Soak Stopper Absorbent Indoor Chenille Doormat

Some dogs may be so uncomfortable with having their paws touched that cleaning them seems impossible. In those cases—or if you’re just looking for an easy way to avoid muddy paw prints all over your home — a dog paw cleaner mat like this one can keep dirt and water from making it through your door.

This rug isn’t like your typical doormat. The supersoft mat is highly absorbent and has multiple layers that trap dirt and liquid. The durable microfiber chenille material holds up to daily use and dries fast, which lessens the potential for mold or mildew and keeps the mat ready for next time.  It also features a non-slip rubber backing to keep it from sliding all over the place. And cleaning is easy, too: just throw it into the washer and dryer when it needs a refresh. 


  • Absorbent, quick-drying material traps dirt and water
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors
  • Machine washable


  • Won’t clean paws as completely as some other methods, so it’s ideal for use with other cleaners

Dog Paw Cleaners: Situations Where They Come in Handy

Let’s face it: a bath after every muddy walk can be too time consuming and stressful for your pet. This is where dog paw cleaners come in, offering a quicker and more portable solution. 

“Cleaning paws from heavy debris, such as mud, is certainly beneficial for us and the cleanliness of our homes,” says Vanessa Charbonneau, a force-free dog trainer and owner of Sit Pretty Behavior & Training.

If you take your dog on hikes or walk them on dirt trails, or if your pup simply likes to dig in your yard, having a simple and reliable way to clean their paws quickly is ideal. 

The best part? You don’t have to use just one. Depending on the situation, different types of paw washers can be beneficial. Keep a portable paw wash in the car, carry wipes for quick out-and-about cleaning, and have another option on hand for at-home cleaning.

Cleaning your dog’s paws is also a good opportunity to make sure they have no injuries. “Following a hike or walk in new terrain, it’s a good idea to examine your dog’s feet to ensure there are no cuts, scrapes, or foreign materials stuck in between their paw pads,” says Charbonneau.

Types of Dog Paw Washers

Dog with owner putting foot into paw washer

There isn’t just one way to wash your dog’s paws. Different scenarios may call for different types of washers. Here are the most popular types of dog paw cleaners:

Paw Washer Cups: One popular type of paw washer is a cup with bristles inside. You just fill it with water and put your dog’s paw inside to clean. The bristles remove dirt and debris and keep it inside the cup.  

Dog Paw Cleaning Solutions: There are also cleansers specific for dog paws available. Many come with brushes on the bottle to help you scrub your dog’s paws. These may be a better fit for dogs who won’t tolerate putting their paws in a washing cup. 

Dog Paw Wipes: Dog paw wipes are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to clean your dog’s paws. These can be great options when you’re away from home, as well as for a quick clean before your dog walks into your house. However, wipes won’t always remove all dirt and debris – especially if your dog’s paws are very dirty.

How We Ranked Our Best Dog Paw Cleaners

In compiling our list of best paw cleaners for dogs, we considered the following criteria: 

Convenience: Since paw cleaning is typically done either on the go or as you’re standing in a doorway trying to ensure your pup doesn’t track mud into the house, we looked for options that were simple to use to make the overall experience easier.

Comfort: Paws can be a tricky spot to reach, especially if your dog is not keen on their paws being held, so we kept both your comfort and your dog’s comfort in mind.

Purpose: Not all paw cleaners have the same end goal. Some are great for brushing away dirt, while others are to be used strictly for sanitizing. That’s why we provided a variety of options and made sure to highlight which ones would be best used alongside others.

Price and Customer Reviews: To cover all needs and budgets, we included dog paw cleaners and washers at multiple price points and took into consideration what others had to say about them.

Dog Paw Washer Buyer’s Guide

Dog with very dirty paws needs dog washer

When buying a tool to wash your dog’s paws, two of the most important things to consider are: 

  • When and where you’ll be using it
  • Your dog’s comfort level when having their paws touched 

If you’ll be cleaning your pet’s paws on the go – like before they get into the car after a hike, for example – look for portable cleaners. This might be wipes or sprays, or if your pet allows, a more thorough tool like a dog paw cleaner cup. 

On the other end of the spectrum is cleaning your dog’s paws at home when they’re not so comfortable with the process. In cases like this, something as simple as an absorbent mat can do some of the dirty work for you and reduce the amount of paw handling. 

In many cases, combining methods and having a few different tools is a good idea. Keep a mat and a cleaning solution at the door and wipes handy while you’re out. Sprays are great to have in the car for after the dog park, and cups are an ideal use-anywhere option.

How to Use Dog Paw Cleaners

The exact process of washing your dog’s paws will depend on the tool you’re using. Since dog paw washing cups, whether automatic or manual, require you to place your pet’s paw into the actual cup itself, wipes or cleansers can be easier to use if your dog isn’t fond of that action. 

Whichever method you choose, take your time and be gentle with your pup. “Dogs don’t enter this world familiar and comfortable with handling and grooming procedures, so it’s important that we teach them that having their paws handled is safe for them,” explains Charbonneau. 

If you have a puppy, get them used to paw handling and wiping and washing early in their lives. This will get them accustomed to the process of paw cleaning at an early age. “Introducing positive handling early on in life will set the dog up to be more successful in the long run,” says Charbonneau. 

If you need to clean an older dog’s paws, make sure to take it slow and use positive reinforcement to get them used to paw touching. “We can do this using a gradual training plan, where we pair the handling motions with a reward for the dog,” she adds. “We always want to work at our dog’s pace, ensuring they are comfortable and confident at every step in the training!” 

Also, keep safety top of mind when cleaning your dog’s paws. “Having an absorbent mat that your dog can step onto following their wash is very useful to prevent slippery paw prints tracking throughout your home,” says Charbonneau.