A dog’s eyes are the window to the soul. Unfortunately, sometimes a dog’s beautiful eyes are affected by marks known as tear stains. If you haven’t dealt with dog tear stains, you are fortunate. However, all pet parents can benefit from a new product called Great Eyes.

Many dog moms and dads take their dogs to the veterinarian when they see reddish-brown marks appear on the fur near a dog’s eyes. Fortunately, most dogs who have tear stains have normal tear production and do not have an underlying eye issue (1).

Since most cases of tear staining in dogs are an aesthetic issue, Great Eyes can help. Dogs with a lighter coat tend to have more visible tear stains, but they can happen to any dog with any color fur. I recently put Great Pet’s Great Eyes tear stain wipes to the test. Since they can be used to eliminate and prevent stains around the eyes, ears, and mouth, they came in handy for the primarily white-colored dog in our test.

We’ll be sharing our results along with insights on dog tear stains, when to seek veterinary attention, and why every pet parent should keep a jar of Great Eyes on hand at home and on the go.

Why Clean Dog Tear Stains?

Porphyrins. It’s a funny-sounding word that packs a lot of meaning and can impact your dog’s tear production. Both saliva and tears contain these organic, aromatic compounds found in many areas of your dog’s body (2). 

A normal canine eyeball lubricates with tears, so the eyelids don’t stick. A small amount of tear staining is normal, but a noticeable tear tract that runs outward from your dog’s eye is a reason for concern and should be examined by a veterinarian or veterinary ophthalmologist.

Before beginning any at-home treatment, talk to your veterinarian. You’ll want to be certain the stains are normal and not part of a larger ophthalmologic issue. 

Cleaning dog ear stains is mainly a cosmetic and aesthetic issue for dog moms and dads. Cleaning them regularly with a reputable dog tear stain remover may help avoid skin irritation or issues in the area down the road. 

If the tear stains are part of a larger issue, your veterinarian can recommend treatment. Some breeds tend to be predisposed to tear stains, such as Maltese dogs and Shih Tzus. However, other causes of tear staining include eye infections, anatomical abnormalities, eye abrasions, and even glaucoma.

Dog laying down with Great Eyes

Great Eyes Dog Tear Stain Wipes: Features

Anything that goes near your dog’s eye should be gentle yet effective. One of my late dog’s best canine friends, Holly Noel, is a beautiful tri-color Cocker Spaniel. She has a lot of white fur around her eyes and face, so her mom decided to try Great Eyes. Cocker Spaniels are also notorious for eye issues.

Holly’s mom, Christine Aiello, eagerly popped a jar of Great Eyes in her dog’s travel bag when they ran errands. Here are some of Great Eyes fantastic features, followed by Christine’s hands-on testing results of the product. 

Great Eyes is designed to:

  • Condition and moisturize the delicate area around a dog’s eyes without affecting the skin’s natural lipid barrier
  • Prevent stains from around a dog’s eyes, ears, and mouth
  • Remove saliva, mucus, and eye-tear stains
  • Be easy to use without any alcohol or parabens

Here are a few features Christine loves about Great Eyes and using them on Holly Noel:

Made with Natural Ingredients

Great Eyes ingredients are composed of words you can pronounce and recognize. Plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and palm will not irritate the sensitive area around your dog’s eyes.

Gently Removes Tear and Other Stains

Beyond the gentle, soothing removal of tear stains, Great Eyes can be used for saliva stains and mucus stains. They can be used to take off dirt or food that lingers on the outer portion of your dog’s ears. The gentle, safe, and multi-use features give pet parents peace of mind. 

Made in the United States

Using only the best, natural ingredients, Great Eyes are made with pride in America, so you can trust what goes on your dog’s skin. 

Regular Use May Reduce the Chance of Infection

Without gentle removal of tear stains, dogs can develop skin irritations or infections. Great Eyes eliminates and prevents future stains.

Gentle for Everyday Use and Weekly Maintenance

Christine is a busy working dog mom, so she appreciates using these weekly for regular maintenance and daily if she desires. Thanks to the gentle ingredients, she doesn’t worry about skin irritation. 

Ideal for All Life Stages

As long as your pup is 12 weeks of age or older, Great Eyes are safe and simple to use and incorporate into your dog’s grooming routine.

Substantial 100-Wipe Size

Some eye wipes skimp on both quantity and quality. Great Eyes hits a home run by providing 100-count eye wipes in a portable container.

Great Eyes on Cocker Spaniel

Dog Tear Stain Wipes: Putting Great Eyes to the Test

We can tell you how wonderful Great Eyes work, but the proof is in the details and testing. Christine turned the sealed container upside down and shook it back and forth a few times. This allowed the product to re-saturate so she could move forward. 

After wrapping a wipe on her pointing finger, she gently wiped Holly’s skin around her eyes. Cockers frequently have a build-up of “gunk” around the eyes, which Great Eyes easily removed.

Holly doesn’t have any major tear staining on her eyes, and since she is a young dog, Christine plans to use the tear wipes regularly. Any stains that Great Eyes does not remove within the first week are considered “dyed fur” that must be grown out and trimmed off. 

Here’s what Christine liked and things to consider about Great Eyes tear stain wipes.

Things to Like

  • One wipe, multiple uses: From tears to ears and food stains, Christine enjoyed the different ways of using Great Eyes on Holly.
  • Frequency of use: Gentle enough to use daily until desired results are achieved, and then weekly to keep fur clean and free of stains.
  • Safe, natural ingredients: No irritating sulfates, parabens, DEA, MEA, or alcohol
  • Portable and non-drying: Christine kept the container at home and then in her car for use on the go. After a quick shake of the container, the wipes were moist and ready to use.
  • Prevents future stains: The natural ingredients effectively keep future stains away.
  • Lightly scented: Very light and non-irritating scent
  • Removes debris and stains from white fur: Since Holly has white fur around her eyes, any staining or gunk shows up easily. Great Eyes is especially effective for white-coated breeds and others susceptible to tear stains.

Things to Consider

  • If you’ve never cleaned around your dog’s eye area before, be gentle and use positive reinforcement (i.e., treats and praise) to reward them. Never scold a dog for not cooperating.
  • Do not use this product in or on any part of your dog’s eye structures.
  • Must be shaken before each use to distribute the liquid on the pads evenly
Cocker Spaniel with Great Eyes product

Great Eyes: Our Verdict

Great Eyes is now a part of Holly’s regular home grooming regimen in addition to teeth and hair brushing. Designed by veterinarians, pet owners, and pet experts, Great Eyes is a product that Christine feels safe using on her pup’s skin and fur. 

Of note, not all tear stain wipes are the same. Some use harsh abrasives, and others use chemicals or additives that can irritate a dog’s sensitive skin. Most pet parents prefer to keep their dogs looking good and clean with a gentle but beneficial product. The last thing you want is for your dog to feel a stinging sensation near her delicate eye area. 

There are a few products I absolutely recommend having on hand whether at home or on the go. A first aid kit, quality dog shampoo and/or conditioner, multivitamin or probiotic, body wipes, and tear stain wipes are all must-haves for pet parents.

Great Eyes gets four paws up for being gentle, effective, and made with today’s modern dog parent in mind.