Most pet owners know the importance of clipping a dog’s nails. If your pet’s nails aren’t properly trimmed, it can cause an infection or irritation to your dog’s paws. Of course, no pet owner wants that to happen which is why it is important to keep their nails trimmed on a regular basis.

While many dogs wear down their nails naturally by walking and playing, it is important to pay attention and keep your dogs’ nails trimmed regularly. 

Finding the Right Dog Nail Clippers

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The most important aspect in cutting a dog’s nails is to find the right nail clippers and learn how to use them properly

You need the right clippers to cut just enough of the dog’s nails to trim them, but not to the point where it hurts them or causes them to bleed. And the Zen Clipper Precise does just that.

What is the Zen Clipper Precise?

The Zen Clipper Precise is a reliable, fully adjustable nail clipper for your dog. The clipper is safe enough to use on all dogs and comes in different sizes. It can be used on cats and other pets like birds and other small animals too.

The clipper has an adjustable blade that helps limit the amount of the nail that is being clipped. It’s even safe to use if your pet moves.

The smaller clipper is best for dogs and cats that are under 25 pounds.

The Zen Clipper for dogs is unique in that it only allows a predetermined amount of the nail to be clipped which makes it easier for you and safer for your pet. It has a patented conical blade that only allows the tip of the pet’s nail into the cutting area. It is really like putting the tip of the nail into a small funnel which makes it easy to clip just the tip and not the quick of the nail.

Zen Clipper Precise Size Chart

To find out which clipper is right for your dog, following the Zen Clipper size chart below:

ProductZen Clipper PreciseZen Clipper Precise Junior
Ideal ForDogsSmall dogs, cats, reptiles, small animals
Pet Size25-100 poundsUnder 25 pounds
Product Size7.5″ high by 3″ wide5″ high by 2″ wide
Blade Opening3/8″1/4″
Zen Clipper Precise comparison

Benefits of the Zen Clipper Precise 

The Zen Clipper for dogs offers a variety of benefits compared to other dog nail clippers on the market. 

Comfort and Grip

These safe dog clippers won’t hurt your hands like some of the others out there. The cushioned, non-slip handle enables you to find the right amount of grip and leverage to get a clean, quick cut without having to squeeze it too hard. It makes clipping a dog’s nails efficient for you and stress-free for your pet!

Cost Savings

The Zen Clipper Precise also saves you money since you won’t have to get your pet’s nails trimmed at every grooming session. 


These high-quality clippers are made of stainless steel and are so durable that they will work for years. In fact, the company offers a limited lifetime consumer warranty. That’s how confident they are in their product.

How to Use the Zen Clipper Precise 

Woman using Zen Clipper precise

1. Decide how much of your pet’s nail that you want to cut.

2. Adjust the blade using the thumb wheel. Always start with a lesser amount and then you can adjust it as necessary.

3. Cut each nail, one at a time, and no closer than two millimeters from the quick. If your dog has dark nails, you can avoid cutting into the quick by trimming one little bit of the nail at a time, starting with the tip.

4. Then work through the paw and onto the next nail until your dog’s nails are fully clipped. And, make sure to give your dog a treat and plenty of praise for being such a good sport!

While nail trimming can be stressful for pets, the Zen Clippers are so efficient that your dog will no longer dread nail trims.

Make sure to get Zen Clippers for your next at-home clipping session. You will love the comfort, ease, and pain-free experience—and so will your dog! Save 10% with code CLIPPER 10.