Does your pet have an animal look-alike? Sure, a lot of kitties resemble their big cat cousins, and it goes without saying that some dogs could be mistaken for wolves. We scoured our fan-submitted photos to find cats and dogs with animal doppelgängers — and though some matches are pretty obvious, a few might surprise you.  

Which is which? Rosaline the 5-week-old Chihuahua looks just like a hamster!

Roar! Mr. Pumpkin the Persian channels his inner lion.

What’s black and white and blue all over? Griffin the blue-eyed penguin Boston Terrier puppy!

We don’t know if this Shiba Inu named Yoda is really as sly and cunning as a fox, but he truly resembles his bright-eyed and bushy-tailed cousin.

My, what big eyes you have! Ned the kitten is a dead ringer for a tarsier, a primate known for its huge eyes.

As much as we love bear cubs, we'd feel much safer cuddling Zoe the Pomeranian.

We’re wild about Benson, a 4-month-old Bengal who could easily be mistaken for a cheetah.

If it weren’t for Winston the Corgi’s ears (and tennis ball), he’d be a meerkat.

Patrick the Affenpinscher certainly lives up to the English translation of his breed’s German name: monkeylike terrier.

The only thing stopping Artie the Scottish Fold from being an awesome cat-owl hybrid is his lack of wings.

We’d really like to chill with Hailey and Bella the polar bears, er, Samoyeds.

When terrified humans mistake Vito the cat for a tiny panther, he doesn’t try to correct them.
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