Bichon Frise dog breed
The Bichon Frise was specifically bred to be a companion and tends to be one of the sweetest and most affectionate dog breeds. He’s often charming and can make an excellent family pet, although he might not be the best choice for families with young children or rambunctious older ones — he can easily be injured during rough play due to his small size, and he may nip at a child if frightened. Learn more about him and whether he might be the right dog breed for you.

They’re often natural entertainers.

The Bichon Frise generally doesn’t have a problem being the center of attention and he might just try to hold you captive with his clownish antics. In fact, during the 19th century, his job was often to accompany organ grinders and perform on the street for passersby, and he was also a popular circus dog.

They’re typically intelligent.

You can teach many Bichon Frises just about any trick in the book, provided you give your pupil rewards such as praise and treats. Keep your training sessions short and fun.

They’re often active.

Ever heard of the “Bichon Blitz” or “Bichon Buzz?” The Bichon Frise is famous for short spurts of energy that inspire him to take off running around the house or yard in a frenzy while barking or even growling. Afterward, he’ll probably lie down for a while to recuperate from his adventure. 

They can make good watchdogs.

Don’t let his tiny size fool you. The Bichon Frise tends to be quite alert and can make an excellent watchdog. He’ll probably let you know if your neighbors are coming or going or if the mail has just been delivered. Help him learn when to bark and when to be quiet so he doesn’t become a nuisance barker.

They don’t shed much.

Although the Bichon Frise is said to have a non-shedding coat, all dogs shed to some degree — but this breed appears to shed less than many others. However, that doesn’t mean he’s a “non- or hypoallergenic breed.” It’s a dog’s dander — flakes of skin — that triggers allergic reactions in humans, not the coat. 

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