Two Siamese cats sitting by a sofa

Nicknamed “Meezer,” the Siamese is one of the oldest and best-known cat breeds. But he’s more than just a pretty face — this is a breed who generally has brains and can have a charming personality. Learn more about the Siamese and see if he might be the right breed for you.

They tend to be chatty.

The Siamese is a vocal cat who has a tendency to talk your ear off. He’ll probably express his opinion
on what you’re feeding him, what you’re doing and how much attention you’re giving him.

They can be curious and playful.

The fun-loving Siamese may amuse himself by opening your cabinets, turning on your faucets or
finding new hiding spaces. To keep him entertained and out of trouble, consider giving him puzzle toys that give him treats when he manipulates them correctly.

They’re often good at learning tricks.

This is a typically intelligent cat who often excels at learning new things. You may even be able to teach him to walk on a leash, play fetch or run an agility course.

They’ve got a distinctive look.

The Siamese has a “pointed” coat: a light-colored background with darker points on the ears, mask, legs and tail. The points can be seal, lilac, chocolate, blue, tabby, red, cream, silver and smoke.

They’re often friendly and outgoing.

Forget standoffish — this cat tends to love people of all ages, including kids. He’ll likely want to spend time with you and often enjoys being the center of attention.

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