Cat in owner's arms

They say a dog is man’s best friend, but we beg to differ. Cats are just as likely to become our partners in crime, loyal pals and best buds. And like dog friendship, cat friendship is pure; not mired in petty human stuff. That’s why we can learn a lot from our feline friends about how to be better buds to our biped pals. Here are some things cats teach us about friendship.

Take Care of Your People

Cats are many times the first line of defense when their humans are in need, under the weather, sad, tired or otherwise not moving off the couch. The feline kind often has an uncanny sense of when things aren’t just right and suddenly become like Velcro, not leaving your side until you’re up and at ‘em again. Between soothing purrs, soft head-butts and a cat’s talent for turning into a little, furry hot water bottle just when you need it most, cat therapy can get some of us through the toughest of times. Cats may not know why you’re out of sorts, but they’re there for you regardless. Human friends should do the same!

Forgive and Forget

You may have noticed that cats have the ability to quickly forgive transgressions on your part. Did you give your cat kibble instead of her favorite wet food for breakfast? No problem; it’s probably forgotten by lunchtime. Left town for a week? After a few stink eyes, your cat will return to his normal, loving self. The point is, cats remind us that, while friends might do things we aren’t crazy about, it’s best to forgive and forget. Life is too short and there are treats and snuggles to be had!

Share With Your Friends

Have you ever noticed cats just don’t seem to recognize boundaries? If your cat’s interested in your tuna sandwich, you better believe he’ll be sidling up to you while you eat it. If you have multiple cats in the house, you’ll notice they often take a “what’s yours is mine” and vice versa approach. When a small pile of treats hits the floor, multiple noses are generally right in the middle of the pile, together. Good friends share without keeping score; what comes around goes around.

Look Out for Your Friends

Cats know that following their best friend (that’s you!) everywhere around the house is just what friends do. Cooking dinner? Cats are there to observe and offer help, if needed.  Need to use the facilities? Cats will stand guard while you do so. Have you ever thought you were alone in a room and then turned around and discovered your cat silently watching you? We all need to look out for each other, and cats remind us of this. Besides, when you’re besties, who needs personal space?

Accept Your Friends as They Are

Cats don’t care what you look like, dress like, sound like or do in your spare time. All they care about is how you treat them. Talk about getting down to what truly matters! Be like a cat and look beyond the human trappings to the person inside.

Be Open to Making Different Types of Friends

While cats may have a reputation for being standoffish and rude, there are plenty of examples of cats who develop deep and loving friendships with other cats, dogs, horses and more! Cats like who they like, and they don’t apologize for it.

Take a few cues about friendship from your cat and consider how they might apply to your human relationships, as well. Friendship with any species is a gift that should be treasured! What has your cat taught you about friendship?

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