Petting a cat

While cats often have a reputation for being independent and even standoffish, true cat people know that those feisty felines have quite a bit to teach us about love. Here are a few lessons we should all take to heart!

Look Past First Impressions

If we relied on first impressions to determine what kind of pet a certain cat might make, many of us might never have brought home our kitties! Cats aren’t always at their sweetest when you first meet them. Many are naturally wary, skittish or shy when meeting new people. But, give them some time to warm up and you just might see an entirely new cat personality emerge. That cat that shoots you the stink eye when he first meets you may well be the biggest lovebug you’ve ever met. The same goes for people. Give them a chance to show their true selves, and you may just be pleasantly surprised!

Everyone Loves in Their Own Way

Like humans, cats show affection in their own ways, in manners that feel comfortable to them. They may do some “drive-by” affection; just allowing you a quick pet as they pass you in your home. Or they may be “Velcro kitties” who cling to you all day long, no matter what you’re doing. The only way you’ll know how they like to show love is by letting them express their affection in their own personal style. Oh, and just because you love to pick up your cat and smoosh on him, doesn’t mean he likes it. Pay attention to how your cat shows love and affection and try to mimic it.

Respect Each Other’s Space

Cats teach us that you and your loved one don’t need to be together all the time. There’s a time to be all up in your beloved’s business — and a time to stretch out behind the couch, alone. Togetherness is that much sweeter when you’ve spent a bit of time apart, isn’t it?

Be Present Together

When you and your cat are snuggling on the couch, you don’t see him checking his phone or engrossed in whatever TV series you’re binge-watching on Netflix. He’s with you, enjoying your company, reveling in the attention you’re giving him. (Or, you know, maybe taking a nap. But, still with you!) Take a tip from the feline kind when it comes to giving your loved ones your undivided attention.

Keep Things Fun and Interesting

Cats have mastered the art of keeping those they love guessing. Just when you think your favorite kitty has left the room for the evening, suddenly he’s beside you, nuzzling and purring. One minute he might be lazing on the sofa; the next he might be zooming across the room. Cats like to mix it up — an attractive trait in both cats and humans.

Be Yourself

Cats don’t really care what you think of them. They expect you to love them as they are, both when they’re at their best and when they’re at their worst. This type of self-confidence bodes well in human relationships, too.

Can’t Buy Me Love

Have you ever spent a ton of cash on a supercool cat tree, cat bed or fancy food dish? What does your cat do when you lavish him with these expensive gifts? He probably sniffs the item halfheartedly and then goes to cozy up in the paper bag you left on the floor. Cats don’t care about “stuff,” so you really can’t buy their affection. That said, while you might not be able to impress your best feline with material goods, you can make some affection inroads via his belly. Tuna treats and a snuggle, anyone?

Being loved by a cat is a special thing that can teach us all plenty of important lessons about life and love. What has your cat taught you?

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