Kim Sears Dog Art

Her boyfriend didn't win Wimbledon, but that hasn't dogged Kim Sears' pet painting career. The 24-year-old artist, who has been dating tennis star Andy Murray since 2005, just launched a new website to promote the portraits she paints of animals.

Brushes and Paws features Sears' portfolio of dogs, cats, horses, people and even soda cans. One painting is a 6-foot by 4-foot rendering of Maggie and Rusty, her two Border Terriers.

Sears confesses on her blog: "I am one of those people. The type that take far too many photos of their animals and expect others to oooh and aaah with adequate enthusiasm."

You can see those photos on the Twitter handle that Sears runs for Maggie, who tweets about her adventures with Rusty. We can't imagine those dogs will ever run out of tennis balls!