President Obama with First Dog Bo

When you come home from a tough day at work, do you regroup by taking a moment to greet your dog? In that case, you're no different from the President. Yes, that President.

On Tuesday, official White House photographer Pete Souza shared a photo of First Dog Bo Obama waiting for a serious-looking president as he arrived at the Oval Office.

“Photo of Bo today,” Souza tweeted. “Oh yeah, Pres Obama is in the photo too!”

Later in the day, he followed it up with the image above, of President Obama stopping to kneel down and have a sweet moment with his 4-year-old Portuguese Water Dog, scratching his dog’s neck.

“POTUS greets Bo,” Souza wrote. “Back by popular demand.”

After dealing with a devastating natural disaster in Oklahoma and the recent controversies over surveillance programs and the IRS (among other things), we can’t think of a better way for the commander-in-chief to relax — even if it’s just for a moment.