Champ and his chicks

What happens when you introduce baby chicks to a Golden Retriever? If it’s 11-year-old Champ, sweetness ensues.

California-based photographer Candice Sedighan, 21, took in chicks late last month from a local feed store that was closing down. She wasn’t sure how her dog would get along with her temporary guests, so she took the introductions slowly.

“I held one of the chicks in my hand and showed Champ that I was petting it,” she told Today. “I could tell from his body language that he wasn’t getting too riled up and was just curious.”

Champ and the chicks became fast friends, and Sedighan captured pictures of their adorable interactions.

“What can I say? My dog is amazing,” she wrote about one of her first pictures of Champ and the chicks on Instagram. “They actually tried to burrow under Champ's fur for extra warmth and he didn't mind!”

Sedighan says Champ’s gentle ways have come with age. “The wisdom and calm nature of senior dogs are unmatched.”

Champ with a chick on his head

Alas, this cuteness couldn't continue forever. The chicks departed for their permanent home at a local farm on Sunday. But at least we'll always have this video of their cuddle time. Plus, you can continue to see Sedighan's photos of Champ on Instagram.

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