Your dog can’t tell you with words what he loves. But, with a Nikon Asia product that’s being tested by Grizzler the dog, he might be able to show you with pictures.

With technology that Nikon has dubbed Heartography, a Nikon CoolPix L31 is housed in a specially designed case. The shutter trigger is activated when a monitor determines a spike in the dog’s heart rate — presumably by something he likes, reports CNET.

Now, before you get your hopes up, CNET warns that the system is likely a publicity stunt for the new CoolPix camera, and probably won’t actually go into production. It’s not commercially available now.

But, what is available now is a fun look at what makes Grizzler the “pho-dog-rapher” happy. His snaps include some likely suspects, such as cats, other dogs, people and — of course — food.

Check them out in the video below. More on Vetstreet: