BioBubble Chameleon Cantina

No doubt about it — chameleons are cool. What other animal can change colors, has a prehensile tail, and lets you know it’s angry by turning completely black?

People love chameleons, and they’re really popular pets. Unfortunately, what many potential chameleon owners don’t know is that chameleons generally won’t drink standing water from a dish; pet chameleons will only drink dripping water, as they do in the wild from droplets on leaves.

Thus, they must be provided with water through a drip or mister system that is left in the cage in a consistent location so the pet knows where to go to drink. Ideally, the dripper should be placed over a plant so the chameleon can drink water off the leaves. Excess water should be collected so that the humidity level doesn’t get too high, but the water level in the collection system shouldn’t get too deep, or the chameleon might drown.

Sound complicated? It can be. We've found the solution in the form of a new pet product at Global Pet Expo 2014: the Cantina Drinking Fountain for chameleons from BioBubble. The fountain provides continuously flowing water that makes tranquil sounds as it flows to entice chameleons to drink. With a submersible water pump that keeps the water moving, the fountain also has a replaceable carbon pad to keep the water filtered, fresh and pure. The pump can be connected to a timer to turn on and off automatically, plus the water reservoir is large enough to provide water for up to several weeks without refilling. Heavy-duty suction cups enable installation in all kinds of habitats.

The Cantina Drinking Fountain for chameleons will be available in 2 to 3 months at many large pet stores and will sell for $39.99. So don’t let your chameleon dehydrate! Contact BioBubble to find out more:

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