a group of stuffed alien chew toys

The lights are low, and my wife and I have just settled in to watch the newest episode of House of Cards on Netflix.

“What did he say?” my wife asks.

“He said he doesn’t love her anymore,” I reply.

“SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK!” says our dog’s favorite chew toy as it’s munched on by our highly content canine companion.

My dog loves toys that squeak. Even though his is 12 years old, he still carries it around, tosses it into the air, and shows it to everyone who visits our house.

Generally, these displays make my heart swell. Sometimes, however, that squeaking just needs to stop for a while so we can enjoy the quiet. Still, I hate taking the toy away from my dog, and I want his enjoyment to continue. Besides, if I do take it away, he’s just going to find another one or harass me to get the toy back.

The Hear Doggy™ Ultrasonic Dog Plush with Chew Guard™ Technology claims to have the answer. These plush toys, shaped as either a martian or a whale, have a durable liner (the Chew Guard) that is intended to boost durability. They also feature an internal device that emits sounds only your dog can hear. The squeaks are emitted at a frequency higher than human ears can detect, but well within the range that dog ears can pick up. 

Looking at these new dog products at Global Pet Expo 2014, I was impressed. They do feel tough, and the squeaker is barely noticeable. “Wow,” I said. And then, before remembering the whole point of the toy, I asked the product's rep, “Can I hear it?”

“Umm, no,” she said.

The suggested retail price for the Hear Doggy toys ranges from $9.99 to $16.99, and will soon be available in pet stores near you. You can order online at www.SimplyDogsAndCats.com or find more information at www.QuakerPetGroup.com or www.Hear-Doggy.com.

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