The downside to daylight saving time coming to an end this weekend? Our days will feel shorter. The upside? Rolling back the clocks means an extra hour of sleep this Sunday. Exhausted parents, overworked employees, sleepy-headed teenagers and pooped-out pups, rejoice!

From the looks of these pictures of dogs from our Facebook community, our four-legged friends could use the supplemental slumber. As the saying goes, let’s remember to let sleeping dogs lie — this Sunday morning especially.

He may be small, but Skippy, an 11-year-old rescue, can magically make his owners’ king-size bed feel like a full size.

Xena and Belle make the best of bedfellows.

Not only does Rabbit claim his spot on the bed, but he also tucks himself in on his own.

When Max, an English Cocker Spaniel, is knackered, he cozies up to his stuffed frog. Sleep tight, mates!

It looks like Caesar might have had a rough night (or a tiring day of squirrel chasing).

Bed hogs Sammy and Maxx can usually be found snoozing on their owner’s chest or cuddled up close to one another.

Chloe knows a thing or two about napping and the latest fashion trends. (Leopard print and pattern mixing are so in this season.)

It’s quite the sleepover at the home of Suzy, Dolly, Tahlulah and Cooper. We can’t help but wonder how their owner fits into this sleeping arrangement.

Seeing Finn this sacked out makes us want to catch a few zzz’s as well.

Being a service dog like Gidget is exhausting work!

When the sandman beckons, Blue Bayou has no trouble heeding his call.

We have to imagine that balled-up snuggle buddies Tavey and Rosie are having the sweetest of dreams.

Nola, we think you may need a few more than 40 winks.

No bed, no problem! Six-year-old Brutus can snooze belly up nearly anywhere.

Wait — did nobody tell Ayla that daylight saving time is ending? Go back to bed, sweet girl. You’ve got another hour of shut-eye coming your way.
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