At Global Pet Expo 2014 we've found a new cat product the larger kitties in your life can wrap all four of their paws around!

The Multipet™ Katz Kickerz plush cat toys stood out to us initially because of their size. At 18-inches long, they’re not your typical teeny cat toys; these are for felines who are serious about big fun.

These large, soft, elongated toys are filled with recycled materials and catnip, which just adds to the party.

Not only are they super huggable, but Katz Kickerz crinkle! They also sport feathers on each end, evoking your cat’s hunting instincts.

Perhaps best of all, the Katz Kickerz are the perfect size for cats who like to “bunny kick” when they’re playing. If you’ve never seen a cat do this move, you’re missing out. The cat wraps her front and rear paws around a toy and then kicks her hind legs out, just like a bunny. If it’s hard to envision, just trust us on this — it’s cute.

Multipet executive vice president Leslie Yellin says the company saw a big need in the marketplace for larger cat toys and decided to develop something different they knew cats of any size would love.

And it appears they know cats and their owners. While the Katz Kickerz are brand-new products on the market, the company reports that the toys are already flying off shelves.

Katz Kickerz by Multipet are available at leading pet retailers for an MSRP of $8.99.

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