Boston Terrier Wearing Pink Bandana Bowl

We just adore these creative and handy Bandana Bowls™ we found at the Pawabunga! booth at Global Pet Expo 2014. The super-functional bandana doubles as a water bowl for your dog, which is perfect for everything from a quick trip to the dog park to a long hike. 

With all the unbearable cold fronts we’ve endured lately, you may not believe that summer is coming. But it is! (We promise.) And we want to be ready.

The outside of the “Pawvard K9 University” bandana is made of polyester, folding out to reveal a portable, nylon water dish. You can also slip some ice into the bandana to help keep your dog cool, as long as your dog likes that feeling and it isn’t too heavy on her neck.

Bandana Bowl Blue

The Pawvard design, which is obviously perfect for pups who aced obedience school, is the only one currently available since the product just launched. But keep an eye out for future designs with themes like princess, western and camo. Right now, the item comes in two colors (royal blue and raspberry pink) and three sizes: small (dogs up to 25 pounds), medium (up to 60 pounds) and large (up to 100 pounds).

The bandanas will soon be available on and at independent pet retailers for $15.99 (small), $16.99 (medium) and $17.99 (large).

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