Petmate See & Extend

I’ve seen some terrific new cat products at Global Pet Expo 2014, but my favorites are the ones designed to help cat owners solve a problem — like getting a stressed-out feline into a crate.

The crating experience can be unsettling for a cat. He may be bothered by the motion of being forced into the crate or pulled out against his will, or he may associate getting in the crate with a frightening ride in the car that ends in a visit to the veterinary office. Either way, many cats become a clawing ball of fluff when the crate comes out.

Petmate’s See and Extend Carrier offers some useful solutions to the problem of crating a nervous cat. The carrier has openings on both sides and the top, which makes it possible for a veterinarian to examine the cat while he’s in the carrier without ever needing to take him out. Even better, the See and Extend Carrier has a zipper on one side that allows the carrier to expand, providing extra room for the cat.

In addition, one side opening completely unzips, which allows the cat to be removed through the side pocket instead of through the top or the opening at the end, giving the crate multiple exit options. The roominess, various entries and a comfy inside are sure to make this carrier a favorite among cats and their guardians, and reduce stress on the part of both cats and cat owners when it’s time to travel.

See and Extend Carrier, available at pet supply retailers or at for $59–$79.

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