Ark-Valley Humane Society in Colorado was desperately searching for the right person to adopt Donuts, a sweet 9-year-old dog who was diagnosed with cancer last month. Matt Evans, a young guy from Denver, decided to give Donuts a home — and the photo of him and his new buddy shared by the rescue Susie’s Senior Dogs quickly went viral. “Matt scooped Donuts up this weekend and they’ve already started living life as any dog would dream — chasing squirrels, long walks and man-to-man talks!” the Facebook post read. Comments poured in from people thanking Matt for adopting Donuts, and wondering about the guy himself. “Okay can I adopt the human and his dog?” one woman asked. Matt was flattered but a little embarrassed by all the attention, and said he plans to have the cancerous tumor removed from Donuts’ leg this weekend to give him a new start. — Watch it at Denver’s 9News