Fortunately, because I’m so slow, my Vizsla and I get to spend lots of time enjoying our runs. If I ever fall off the exercise wagon, he’s right there, staring intently at me while I eat, work at my desk and/or use the restroom. He’s very persuasive that way, and I inevitably find myself trudging along with my end of the leash, glad that he is so insistent.

I think that my enjoyment of this activity is why I am struck so profoundly when I see it turn deadly. I went to veterinary school in Florida, where the warm-weather heat and humidity are practically unbearable. I saw too many emergencies associated with hard exercise in hot or humid weather, and the outcomes of those cases were often awful.

Heatstroke is a terrible condition to treat, and it can very quickly turn fatal, even with medical care. Please make sure that you know the early signs of heatstroke, and that you are careful with your pets this summer to ensure that it never happens to someone you love.

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