A Massachusetts animal shelter is searching far and wide to find the right home for a lovable and adorable special-needs kitten. Ivan, a 10-month-old tuxedo cat, was born without radial bones in his front legs. His left hind leg is also deformed, making it impossible for him to walk normally, so he does an army crawl to get around. This can make it hard for him to make it to the litter box, which is making the search for an adopter extra challenging. He’s been at the MSCPA adoption center in Boston for two weeks, since his previous owner surrendered him. “What Ivan lacks in mobility he more than makes up for in personality,” said adoption manager Alyssa Krieger. The center has had more than 300 email inquiries about Ivan since his story made headlines this week, and the staff is hopeful they’ll find the right fit. — Read it at MassLive