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There are animal lovers, and then there are animal lovers. It won’t surprise you to learn that we here at Vetstreet fall firmly into the latter category, and we’re guessing quite a few of you do, too, which is why we’re sure you’ll have full appreciation for these things real animal lovers know to be true.

The Struggle Is Real: Animal Lovers’ Edition

You know all your neighbors’ dogs’ names, but the names of the humans who live next door? Not so much. Unless you count "Cooper’s mom and dad" as human names, which, for the record, we absolutely do.

Your pets (present and future) are a major factor in some of your bigger decisions, like where to move or what house to buy. Hey, some people want a gourmet kitchen, and some people want a catio. They’re a factor when it comes to cars, too. Not only do you need a vehicle that will easily (and safely) transport your pack, you need a car with plenty of storage so you can keep treats and toys handy in case you come upon any stray cats or homeless dogs who need your help. Maybe one day you’ll have a sporty car, but right now is not that time.

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When traveling, you (and your traveling companions) have to factor in extra time when walking from place to place because you know you’re going to stop people and ask to pet their dogs. You’ll also pay extra to stay in a hotel that has a resident animal. Every. Single. Time. Oh, and stores with resident cats? They can basically have all your money.

Your personal record for running a marathon (or any distance, really) would be several minutes faster if it weren’t for stopping to snuggle the occasional spectating dog. Trust us, we know: Cuddling definitely provides a much-needed midrace boost. Puppy breath is so effective as a performance enhancer, it should probably be illegal. We’re glad it’s not.

Before you accept an invitation to a party, you consider whether the host has pets you can hang out with. Hey, dogs and cats want to join the soirée too, and you’re only too happy to oblige. And even then, you still have to decide whether hanging out with their pets trumps hanging out with your own pets. Sometimes, a night at home with your furry friends wins out over just about anything, right?

What animal-loving struggles do you face that were left off the list?

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