First, firefighters in training in Contra Costa County, California, came to the rescue of two kittens who were abandoned in a dumpster. Then, the little ones were rescued by a “Superstar Mama” cat when they were brought to Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation. Shannara, who’d weaned her own litter of four kittens last week, heard the 10-day-old kittens’ cries in the shelter’s clinic and immediately started trying to find them. The staff brought Shannara and the kittens, Miracle and Milagro, into a quiet room, where she started to nurse them. The new family is now in a foster home together. — Read it at People Pets

We’ve got a heartwarming behind-the-scenes story for you today! Two 10-day-old kittens came to ARF after being found in a dumpster by a good Samaritan after their little cries were heard coming from inside. We brought the precious newborns into our Clinic, where they were crying loudly – we don’t blame them, being away from Mom is hard!Another ARF cat, who just weaned her litter of four kittens on Wednesday, heard their cries and instantly began chirping, trying to locate them. So we brought them all into a quiet room, introduced them…and then this happened.Right now, they’re all together in our Clinic – Mom’s making “muffins”, the babies are nursing heartily, and everybody’s headed to a foster home tonight! We’ll keep you updated on this special family, but first, we have a request! These female babies are still unnamed, and we’re looking for suggestions! Leave us a comment with your best suggestion, and give a “Like” to thank this superstar mama!Happy Friday, Facebook friends 🙂

Posted by Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation on Friday, April 1, 2016