The cat days of summer are finally here! What? You’ve never heard this phrase before? It’s the period of summer when cats are at their laziest. This month — which we’re designating from May 29 to June 30 — results in lots of catnaps.

In case you’re wondering, the other days of summer, the dog days of summer, occur at the end of July when the "dog star" Sirius rises and falls with the sun. And it’s usually really hot outside.

But back to the cat days of summer. Here are 10 kitties who are excellent at lounging, napping and moving their paws only when absolutely necessary. And, yes, you’re right: The cat days of summer are totally made up.

Chupa the 6-year-old mixed breed cannot be bothered right now. No, he does not want to chase the laser pointer. No, he does not want to bat at the feather toy. Yes, he’d like you to leave him alone.

Tonto is clearly having a great dream. Perhaps he’s dreaming of all the naps he’s going to take this summer!

Reading is exhausting. Marci made it to chapter 2 before she just had to give her eyes a little rest.

Naptime is a family affair for brothers Boo, Taz, Webster and Blake.

Vettie the cat is so tuckered out, she doesn’t even notice that Bella the German Shepherd mix is using her as a pillow.

Oh, you’re making the bed? Dante wishes his owners would let him snuggle under the sheets for just five more minutes hours.

CC (left) the mixed breed looks nice and cozy in her DIY bed. Jethro (right) the Maine Coon mix also looks comfy stretched out on the windowsill. To each his own!

Rudy takes catnaps to a whole other level.

Who says dogs and cats can’t get along? Udo the German Shepherd doesn’t seem to mind sharing his bed with Victor the Siamese mix.

Willow would really like someone to draw the shades, please.