The dog days of summer refer to those sweltering, sultry days beginning in early July and lasting through the beginning of the fall… and they are upon us!

But fear not, pet lovers! There are still ways to have fun in the sun, despite the heat. Just stay safe, hydrated and follow the lead of these 10 summer-loving dogs for a guaranteed good time this summer. And don’t forget to share your adventures with us!

Brownie enjoys seeing the sights and a good frolic at Crissy Field near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Duke, a playful Golden, retrieves toys from the pool for some cooler fun in the sun!

Bean, a Havanese, loves playing with bubbles in the shade on sunny afternoons.

Crystal, a Siberian Husky, enjoys taking summer hikes with her humans.

Zoey and Zephie (Golden Retrievers) know that the best way to spend a warm day is with friends, and somewhere they can take a quick dip when the temperature starts to rise!

Manny is a Lab mix who prefers spending his summer days lounging in the grass at the park.

Myles, a Golden Retriever, is happiest when he gets to be a beach bum!

Sam, a Lab/Pointer mix, loves to play games year-round, but especially during the summer when he can play them at the beach!

This sweet Beagle pup named Bear wants you to know you should always make time to stop and smell the flowers, no matter how hot it is outside!

When this cool Golden/Lab mix isn't in the water, Potter enjoys relaxing on the boat in style.
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