Apricot Poodle in Grass
Think you can guess which Poodle names are the most popular? If you’re assuming there’s a huge French influence among the most common Poodle monikers (since, after all, the breed was the national dog of France back in the days of King Louis XVI), we’re afraid you’re mistaken.

Based on more than 317,000 Poodle names we pulled from our database, there are a number of names that are highly popular for this breed despite being relatively low on our latest list of most popular puppy names. However, plenty of the most popular Poodle names also score big with the general puppy population: Max, Buddy, Charlie, Bear, Molly, Bella, Daisy, Lucy, Sophie and Maggie all made the top 10 for both lists, with Toby (for males) and Coco (for females) coming in just outside the top 10 for puppies at Nos. 11 and 14.

Check out the most popular Poodle names in the table below, then keep reading for a few more insights.

As noted above, a number of Poodle names didn’t come close to cracking the top 10 when puppies of all pedigrees were factored in. Climbing more than 20 spots on their respective male and female lists are the following names (along with our thoughts on why some of these names might be preferred among Poodle owners).

Teddy (up 11 spots from its place on the most popular puppy names list), Lucky (up 25) and Princess (up 22): The Poodle has been a popular pet for ages, and these classic names are perfect fits for a breed that’s been everything from a royal favorite to a hunting companion to a circus entertainer. There are a couple of additional reasons why we suspect these names are so hot with the Poodle set. Teddy likely refers to the fact that the dog can have a teddy bear-like look if the coat is allowed to grow. Princess may be inspired by the breed’s undeserved froufrou reputation. As for Lucky? Well, not every name has an obvious connection to the breed!

Rusty (up 66 spots), Pepper (which is not on the most popular puppy names list) and Ginger (up 22): These names show a clear connection with the breed’s coat, which comes in a range of colors including apricot, black, blue, brown, café au lait, cream, gray, red, silver, silver beige and, of course, white. 

Missy (up 45 spots): Although we aren’t sure, we do wonder if perhaps this is another name inspired by the breed’s prissy reputation.  

Coco (up 8 spots for females, up 75 spots for males): We have a feeling (based on the spelling, if nothing else) that the popularity of this name is closely tied to French history and the appeal of designer Coco Chanel. We think it’s an entirely appropriate choice for this stylish dog breed.

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