Yorkshire Terriers are cute as can be — that fact, as far as we’re concerned, is indisputable. But, are the most popular Yorkie names equally adorable?

We sorted through our database of more than 490,000 Yorkie names to find out which names are most popular for male and female Yorkshire Terriers, and we found that, yes, many of the top names for this precious Toy breed are fittingly charming. 

We also took a look at how these names stack up against the most popular puppy names of 2015, and while we did find a number of similarities between the two lists (because, hey, a cute puppy name is a cute puppy name, no matter what breed it belongs to, right?), there are a few Yorkie names that stand out as truly great fits for this dog breed.
Yorkshire Terrier Standing in Grass

The Same Name Game

With both male and female names, the No. 1 pick is the same for Yorkies and the overall puppy population: Max and Bella are the clear winners. Other names that made both top 10 lists (but with a bit of deviation in exactly where in the top 10 they landed) are Buddy, Charlie, Rocky and Bentley for the boys, and Molly, Sophie, Daisy, Maggie, Lucy and Sadie for the girls.

Interesting Outliers

Several names on the Yorkie list really caught our attention due to the fact that they appear way outside the top 10 on our popular names list. For the males, the names making the biggest jumps are Harley (up 20 spots), Gizmo (up 33 spots) and Bailey (up 68 spots). The reason for Gizmo being so popular seems clear to us — just take a look at Gizmo in the Gremlins movies! Harley —with its tough motorcycle connection — may be compensation for the breed’s tiny size and delicate features. As for the enormous popularity of Bailey? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Among the female names, only one had a jump that is at all comparable to those male names: Princess, which climbed 17 places to claim No. 9 among Yorkies. Considering the fact that this diminutive dog has shining, shoe button eyes and a soft, silky coat, we think Princess is a pretty apt name for her.

A few other popular Yorkie names that didn’t crack the top 10 with the rest of the puppy population are Toby (up 11 spots), Teddy (up 9 spots) and Chloe (up 8 spots). Teddy is an easy one — Yorkies really are just as cute as any teddy bear! We’re not sure why Chloe and Toby are so big with this little dog, but we have to admit, they’re fittingly darling!

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