For Bailey, being reunited with her pal, Staff Sgt. Kevin Brady, was far better than any July 4 fireworks.

The Anatolian Shepherd mix was 8 weeks old when Brady’s National Guard unit adopted her in Afghanistan.

When the unit returned to the U.S., they had to leave Bailey behind. But Brady couldn’t leave it at that. Three months ago, the Guardsman called Doris Scofield, who works with both Guardians of Rescue and Save-A-Pet, for help in bringing the pup home. Guardians of Rescue raised $5,000 in just nine days, reported New York’s Times Beacon Record.“The least we can do is help [members of the military] get their war buddy home," Scofield told the paper.

 The 11-month-old dog was flown from Kabul to Dubai, and then to JFK International Airport in New York, where Scofield picked her up on July 2.

Brady arrived at Save-A-Pet's facility in Port Jefferson, N.Y., to greet his best friend on July 4.

When the Guardsman whistled to her, "you saw the light bulb go off in her head,” Scofield said. Bailey raced to Brady, whom she hadn’t seen in two months, furiously wagging her tail, rolling on the ground and giving him welcome kisses.

Then, the pair left on a road trip back to California, where Brady lives with his two sons.