Persian Cat Breed

The Persian can be a little high-maintenance with his need for daily grooming and weekly
bathing, but his generally affectionate personality and good looks make him worth it. There
are two types of Persians: show and traditional. The show Persian has a round head, flat nose, small ears and a short body; the traditional Persian has less exaggerated features. Get to know one of the most popular cat breeds in America — and see if he’s a good match for you.

They have coats of many colors.

The Persian’s beautiful, flowing coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns. And, depending on the color, his coat can be shiny and silky or soft and cotton-like.

They tend to be lap cats.

You probably won’t find the Persian scaling your curtains or bookshelves. He usually prefers lounging on the sofa or your lap, and he typically loves to cuddle.

They’re generally calm.

The Persian is typically a laid-back, low-energy cat who prefers a serene, predictable environment.

They’re nicknamed the Doll Face for a reason.

The traditional Persian, also known as the Doll Face, has a round head, chubby cheeks and a nose that’s a normal length, giving him a sweet expression.

They’re quiet.

In general, the Persian is a gentle cat who is a quiet companion. You may hear a meow or two from him, but he’ll expect you to do most of the talking.

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